Sky Jumpers, by Peggy Eddleman

Hey guys! This is Kester here! Sadly being out of the country, I cannot take too many paper books with me, but I have checked out a few books in my to-be-read list from TN READS (check it out! if you’re in another state, look up Overdrive), and this was one of them. Also, I cannot bookstagram that much, but I have taken a few pictures. Follow me on Instagram @the_kesdawg for some pictures!
Nevertheless, today’s finished read is “Sky Jumpers” by Peggy Eddleman, which took me a month to finish (new record for this year?).
Rating: 5 out of 10 stars
“Sky Jumpers” by Peggy Eddleman is about a girl who is bad at inventing, but when her post-World War Three town gets taken over by bandits trying to steal its special medicine, Hope and her friends must travel through the Bomb’s Breath, the invisible layer of poisonous gas hovering over the town, and through one of the worst blizzards in history to get help.
I had a lot of high expectations of the book after looking at the reviews. I’m going to say that I was not pleased with this book. It was such a let down. It’s rare for me to actually dislike a book, and this is one of those few.
The reason why it took me so long to finish this was that there was too much exposition. This made half the book boring. I do get how the exposition gives the backstory, but I was bored with it. I started and stopped so much that I didn’t touch it at times.
Another reason was the plot. I wasn’t as hooked as I was with other books. Why? It was predictable in many ways, and there wasn’t even much foreshadowing. The plot twists are also not as twisted as I would have expected, too. I know this is a children’s book, so I thought I would finish this quick. Turns out I was wrong.
The final reason is the geography of the Bomb’s Breath. I didn’t look at the map much, but I was still confused how it worked. I didn’t know how they would access it until the end, but even that was somewhat confusing. Oh, unlike the title, there’s wasn’t much “sky jumping” as I thought there would.
Now are there good characteristics about the book. I did like some of the plot twists. I also love the concept of a post-apocalyptic post-WWIII town (World War III fascinates me sometimes), but I wish there was more of backstory for that. It didn’t go into specifics, but I loved the concept of a nuclear war. The theme is also really evident.

Some plot twists

The setting of after World War Three

Evident theme

Some interesting plot sections

Too little background for World War Three

Too long exposition

Some predictable plot twists/ climax

Needs more clarification about the geography and the science of the Bomb’s Breath

Some boring parts
Recommendation: Personally, I would not recommend this. Is there hope that the sequel would be better? A little.


Lilly’s first post!! Wildflower, by Alecia Whitaker

Hi guys, it’s Lilly!! I am doing my first post over a book that I really enjoyed, “Wildflower”

Overall rating: 9/10

“Wildflower” is the story of a girl named Bird Barrett who has grown up playing fiddle in her family’s band. One distinct night, Bird must fill in for her father as lead vocalist. Soon, scouts are offering Bird a spotlight of her own. With her fame on the rise, Bird’s longtime crush, Adam Dean, even starts to notice her. In this comical, romantic story, Bird tries to balance family, friends, and relationships.

I am an avid reader of romance, and although this book wasn’t a whole lot of romance, I still really enjoyed it. It was funny, and it really kept me wanting more! Like most other books, when I finished “Wildflower,” I wanted more!! So, I was thrilled to find that there actually is a series to this book. I will admit, this book did start out a little slow, but once everything started happening, the book was filled with excitement (and heartbreak…) but I won’t ruin that for you. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and there are few things that I would change about it. I am so excited  to get the next two books to see what happens!! Ahh (you will understand if you read it ;))


  • Keeps you interested
  • Comical and Romantic
  • Realistic
  • Cliffhanger at the end (could be a pro or con)


  • Starts off a little slow
  • Geared toward a younger audience than what I usually read.. Still a great book either way

Would I recommend? Yes! I would recommend this to young adults/females.

Author Interview!!! Jennifer DiGiovanni

Hi guys! This is Kester blogging! I enjoyed reading My Senior Year of Awesome a lot, and fortunately, I was able to contact the author Jennifer DiGiovanni and interview her!

1. What is your book “My Senior Life of Awesome” about?jennifer-digiovanni-2

In the book, Sadie is voted as “Most Likely to Marry” a boy she’s never even dated or liked in *that* way. Rather than let her classmates decide her fate, she and her best friend try to come up with a list of truly awesome high school achievements to be completed by graduation.

2. What inspired you to write this book? Are the ideas in the book from your own high school experience?

The idea for this book came to me when my sisters and cousins started discussing their “turning 30” bucket lists. The idea of a story focusing on a senior year bucket list came to mind. I started by drafting some possible achievements.

3. How long did it take you to draft, revise, and edit this book? How about the publication process?

This book went through a ton of changes and revisions! I wrote the first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo but it took at least another year of editing and revising before I started submitting for publication. Along the way, I received some rejections, but most rejections offered some insight into how to make the story better, so I continued to revise.

4. What is your writing process like? What do you do when you have writer’s block?

I like to have a general idea of where the story’s going, but I don’t plan out each chapter and scene ahead of time. I do need to know the ending before I start writing, though, or I tend to write in circles. If I run into writer’s block, I get up from my computer and do something else. Take a walk. Clean the house. Read someone else’s book. But I really haven’t run into true writer’s block very often.

5. How would you describe your style of writing?

That’s a tough question! I’ve never tried to define my style, but I would say that I like to write fast-paced stories with realistic dialogue and humor.

6. Why do you like writing? When did you first have a love for writing, and how was it formed?

Writing is fun for me – something I truly enjoy. I’ve always loved to write and the encouragement of my teachers helped. In first grade I wrote a book called “The Other Side of the Mountain” about a girl who stumbles on a fantasy world ruled by a queen who is actually her long-lost mother. My teacher bound the book for me and I still have it.

7. Have you written or attempted to write any other works?

I’m always writing! My Senior Year of Awesome is part of a series, but I have other books I’m working on as well.

8. Who are your favorite authors? Who has affected your writing style?

When I was young I read a lot of the classics, Louisa May Alcott, Charlotte Bronte, etc. I also liked lighter fiction and Nancy Drew. Author Patricia Calvert, who was one of my teachers, helped me develop my writing style in regards to writing for teens.

9. What is your favorite genres to read and write? What are you favorite books?

I read a lot of YA, of course, but I also make a point to branch out and read outside of my genre. Recent favorites include The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, and We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I’m a big fan of plot twists!

10. What was your favorite part about writing this book? Who was your favorite character?

Sadie is my favorite character, although I like Jana and Andy a lot as well. I don’t know if I can name one favorite part of writing this book, because it was really fun the whole way through. Any scene between Andy and Sadie was especially fun.

11. Just like Sadie and Jana, do you like creating lists?

Yes, I am a big list person. At any given time I have 6 – 7 pads of paper laying around my desk listing different categories of to-dos. Shopping, vacation planning, writing, other work, etc.

12. You are a Sixteen to Read author. What is it like to have other friends who are also debut authors?

It’s been so great to connect with other debut authors. A lot of us have experienced ups and downs this year and it’s great to have a group of friends who relate to what you’re going through.

13. What do you do when your not writing? Is writing a part-time or a full-time job for you?

I write a lot, but I don’t have a set number of hours each week set aside for writing. In addition to writing fiction, I’m also a freelance writer, working for clients and writing about home improvement, small business, and home design. I keep a calendar and schedule my day according to my upcoming deadlines.

14. How did you feel when you got the e-mail from Georgia McBride that your book would be published?

My initial feeling was disbelief. It took a while to sink in.

15. Do you have any tips to recommend to aspiring writers?

Be open to feedback. The critiques I received from other writers helped me turn a rough story idea into a published book. I couldn’t have done that myself.

16. How is your next book coming along?

I’m just finishing a novella in the series, so I think it’s in pretty good shape. I hope!

Thanks for hosting me on your blog!


Thank you Jennifer for being a guest on my blog and for writing a wonderful book!

Read My Senior Year of Awesome, by Jennifer DiGiovanni if you haven’t already! Her upcoming novels in her School Dayz series are My Disastrous Summer Vacation and My Junior Year of Loathing, which are coming out later this year!

My Senior Year of Awesome, by Jennifer DiGiovanni

Kester here again! I’m here with a Sixteen to Read book, and it’s an amazing debut book.

DISCLAIMER: I got a free signed copy of this book from the author Jennifer DiGiovanni herself. In no way will that affect my review.

Rating: 10/10 stars
“My Senior Year of Awesome” by Jennifer DiGiovanni is about a girl who gets voted “Most Likely to Get Married” with the school nerd/genius Andy. Sadie, along with her best friend Jana, attempts to do 10 Awesome Achievements for their blank list before they graduate high school.
This book is a Swoon Romance YA published book, Jennifer DiGiovanni’s debut book, the first book in her upcoming “School Dayz” series, and a Sixteen to Read Debut book.

Honestly, this book was surprised me. I’m going to admit, I enjoyed reading this more than “Me Before You”. I am not a romance reader; in fact, the main premise, the awesome high school achievements list, is what, I think, interested me. I think the trying to avoid Andy scenario made it seem more funny.
Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t until this weekend until I devoured it up. Although I did expect the achievements to be more “awesome” (maybe a large high school prank?), it was funny nevertheless. I was shocked, though, about the secrets hidden in the book, even with the foreshadowing you will see. Plus, Andy and Sadie’s relationship takes many twists and turns. Oh, and the author mentioned both Snapchat and Instagram! She’s got the high school life spot on!

  • Humor- It was hilarious!
  • Authenticity- Snapchat and Instagram mentioned in the same book! I love that!
  • Round Characters- Each character may seem like a stereotype, but they do have other personality traits.
  • Surprises- No spoilers here!
  • The Kosolowskis are Catholic- I just love it when a character is Catholic.


  • Grammar Errors: I did see a few, but it was okay to me.


Recommendation: This book needs to be publicized more! This series has a ton of potential!


First Post Ever!!! Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes


Hi guys! This is Kester here. Welcome to LILbooKlovers, and this is the first ever post! Here’s the first ever review! (You can see this also on Goodreads.)


Rating: 9 out of 10 stars


“Me Before You” is the story of a recently unemployed girl who gets hired to become the caretaker of Will Traynor, a quadriplegic who has a grim outlook on life. After finding out about his plans on assisted suicide, Louisa, along with Will’s parents and her sister, tries to convince him that he could have a better life even in a wheelchair, but this starts to affect her personal life with both her family and her boyfriend.

I am not a romance reader, yet I definitely enjoyed this book! This is one of the only books that has ever made me cry (or about to cry- I couldn’t since I finished the book at school). It has both humor and sorrow incorporated into the storyline, and I became more engaged closer to the ending. I think if I could read this again in one sitting, I could enjoy it much better, but I still did nevertheless! I honestly was going to rate this 8 stars until the ending, but the ending changes your entire perception. It really does, and I wish I can spoil it, but I’m not going to do that. “Me Before You” is book even non-romance readers can enjoy, and I’m excited for the movie coming out in June!



  • Really emotional and heartbreaking
  • The romance
  • The plot twists
  • Will’s and Louisa’ humor


  • Can get a little boring.


Recommendation: YES! It’s for anybody!