My Senior Year of Awesome, by Jennifer DiGiovanni

Kester here again! I’m here with a Sixteen to Read book, and it’s an amazing debut book.

DISCLAIMER: I got a free signed copy of this book from the author Jennifer DiGiovanni herself. In no way will that affect my review.

Rating: 10/10 stars
“My Senior Year of Awesome” by Jennifer DiGiovanni is about a girl who gets voted “Most Likely to Get Married” with the school nerd/genius Andy. Sadie, along with her best friend Jana, attempts to do 10 Awesome Achievements for their blank list before they graduate high school.
This book is a Swoon Romance YA published book, Jennifer DiGiovanni’s debut book, the first book in her upcoming “School Dayz” series, and a Sixteen to Read Debut book.

Honestly, this book was surprised me. I’m going to admit, I enjoyed reading this more than “Me Before You”. I am not a romance reader; in fact, the main premise, the awesome high school achievements list, is what, I think, interested me. I think the trying to avoid Andy scenario made it seem more funny.
Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t until this weekend until I devoured it up. Although I did expect the achievements to be more “awesome” (maybe a large high school prank?), it was funny nevertheless. I was shocked, though, about the secrets hidden in the book, even with the foreshadowing you will see. Plus, Andy and Sadie’s relationship takes many twists and turns. Oh, and the author mentioned both Snapchat and Instagram! She’s got the high school life spot on!

  • Humor- It was hilarious!
  • Authenticity- Snapchat and Instagram mentioned in the same book! I love that!
  • Round Characters- Each character may seem like a stereotype, but they do have other personality traits.
  • Surprises- No spoilers here!
  • The Kosolowskis are Catholic- I just love it when a character is Catholic.


  • Grammar Errors: I did see a few, but it was okay to me.


Recommendation: This book needs to be publicized more! This series has a ton of potential!



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