Lilly’s first post!! Wildflower, by Alecia Whitaker

Hi guys, it’s Lilly!! I am doing my first post over a book that I really enjoyed, “Wildflower”

Overall rating: 9/10

“Wildflower” is the story of a girl named Bird Barrett who has grown up playing fiddle in her family’s band. One distinct night, Bird must fill in for her father as lead vocalist. Soon, scouts are offering Bird a spotlight of her own. With her fame on the rise, Bird’s longtime crush, Adam Dean, even starts to notice her. In this comical, romantic story, Bird tries to balance family, friends, and relationships.

I am an avid reader of romance, and although this book wasn’t a whole lot of romance, I still really enjoyed it. It was funny, and it really kept me wanting more! Like most other books, when I finished “Wildflower,” I wanted more!! So, I was thrilled to find that there actually is a series to this book. I will admit, this book did start out a little slow, but once everything started happening, the book was filled with excitement (and heartbreak…) but I won’t ruin that for you. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and there are few things that I would change about it. I am so excited  to get the next two books to see what happens!! Ahh (you will understand if you read it ;))


  • Keeps you interested
  • Comical and Romantic
  • Realistic
  • Cliffhanger at the end (could be a pro or con)


  • Starts off a little slow
  • Geared toward a younger audience than what I usually read.. Still a great book either way

Would I recommend? Yes! I would recommend this to young adults/females.

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