Sky Jumpers, by Peggy Eddleman

Hey guys! This is Kester here! Sadly being out of the country, I cannot take too many paper books with me, but I have checked out a few books in my to-be-read list from TN READS (check it out! if you’re in another state, look up Overdrive), and this was one of them. Also, I cannot bookstagram that much, but I have taken a few pictures. Follow me on Instagram @the_kesdawg for some pictures!
Nevertheless, today’s finished read is “Sky Jumpers” by Peggy Eddleman, which took me a month to finish (new record for this year?).
Rating: 5 out of 10 stars
“Sky Jumpers” by Peggy Eddleman is about a girl who is bad at inventing, but when her post-World War Three town gets taken over by bandits trying to steal its special medicine, Hope and her friends must travel through the Bomb’s Breath, the invisible layer of poisonous gas hovering over the town, and through one of the worst blizzards in history to get help.
I had a lot of high expectations of the book after looking at the reviews. I’m going to say that I was not pleased with this book. It was such a let down. It’s rare for me to actually dislike a book, and this is one of those few.
The reason why it took me so long to finish this was that there was too much exposition. This made half the book boring. I do get how the exposition gives the backstory, but I was bored with it. I started and stopped so much that I didn’t touch it at times.
Another reason was the plot. I wasn’t as hooked as I was with other books. Why? It was predictable in many ways, and there wasn’t even much foreshadowing. The plot twists are also not as twisted as I would have expected, too. I know this is a children’s book, so I thought I would finish this quick. Turns out I was wrong.
The final reason is the geography of the Bomb’s Breath. I didn’t look at the map much, but I was still confused how it worked. I didn’t know how they would access it until the end, but even that was somewhat confusing. Oh, unlike the title, there’s wasn’t much “sky jumping” as I thought there would.
Now are there good characteristics about the book. I did like some of the plot twists. I also love the concept of a post-apocalyptic post-WWIII town (World War III fascinates me sometimes), but I wish there was more of backstory for that. It didn’t go into specifics, but I loved the concept of a nuclear war. The theme is also really evident.

Some plot twists

The setting of after World War Three

Evident theme

Some interesting plot sections

Too little background for World War Three

Too long exposition

Some predictable plot twists/ climax

Needs more clarification about the geography and the science of the Bomb’s Breath

Some boring parts
Recommendation: Personally, I would not recommend this. Is there hope that the sequel would be better? A little.

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