AUTHOR INTERVIEW!! Molly Booth, author of “Saving Hamlet”

Hi!! It’s Lilly!!

molly boothOver the last few weeks, I found some authors that I thought would be fun to interview!! I received a couple replies, and you guys can expect some fun interviews/reviews over books in my next few posts. One of the authors that I reached out to was Molly Booth, author of “Saving Hamlet” and these are the questions I asked her.. Hope you enjoy!!

1- What is your book “Saving Hamlet” about?

Saving Hamlet is about Emma Allen, a teenage stage manager working on her high school’s disastrous production of Hamlet. One night after rehearsal, Emma falls through the stage’s trapdoor and lands in the basement of The Globe Theatre, in London, 1601, and gets thrown into working on the original Hamlet with Shakespeare’s company. It turns out that production is a mess too, so she time travels back and forth, trying to save both shows! 


2-What inspired you to write your book?
In college, I fell in love with Shakespeare’s plays, and started studying the history of Shakespeare’s theatre company and the Globe playhouse. Around the same time, I got into writing fiction, and one day it hit me that I wanted to write about a character truly experiencing Shakespeare for the first time. And of course, time travel just makes everything better! Also, I was a drama kid in high school and college, and stage managed for a bunch of different community theatres. I worked backstage for so long that writing about that part of working in theatre was my first instinct. 
3-From start to finish, about how long did “Saving Hamlet” take?
Whoosh! I wrote my first draft almost four years ago.
4-Any advice for writers block? Do you experience it?
I definitely experience it! Writer’s block is so tough. I wrote a piece about it for, which has most of my best advice. Reading a good book is usually my fool-proof technique. I just read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, which was amazing, and it got my brain all fired up to write again.
5- Have you always loved to write?
Yes! Not always always, but my love for writing started in middle school when I wrote a play/screenplay for my friends and I to perform. It was a soap opera called Everyone Loves Bernard, and all I remember from the plot was that a woman died dramatically from a bee sting. And one of the characters was named “Stanley,” and that name made it into Saving Hamlet too! My friends and I filmed it, playing all the different parts ourselves. After that I wrote more plays and screenplays, before starting to write fiction in college.
6- Do you have any other works? Are you working on any new works?
Saving Hamlet is my first book, but I’ve written quite a few nonfiction pieces for HelloGiggles and The Mary Sue. I’m currently working on my second book, Nothing Happened, which will come out from Disney Hyperion spring 2018. It’s a YA retelling of Shakespeare’s hilarious rom com, Much Ado About Nothing, set at summer camp! And with a lot of twists.
7- Do you have any favorite authors? If so have they inspired your work?
Shakespeare! Almost all my book ideas start with Shakespeare plays. But other than that old guy, I love Meg Cabot, David Clement-Davies, Sarah Dessen, Jasper Fforde, Laurie Halse Anderson, Eva Ibbotson, Melina Marchetta,  Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett, Rick Riordan, Rainbow Rowell, Diana Wynn-Jones, Jane Yolen… I could go on and on. All of their books have inspired the kind of stories I want to tell.
8- What are your favorite genres to read/write?
Ooooh! I like magic realism, fantasy, and contemporary too. But magic and time travel make me pretty happy. And Shakespeare adaptations and retellings, or any work that incorporates or spins classic literature.
9- Do you have any all time favorite books?
Which Witch? by Eva Ibottson is my all time favorite book. Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet too.
10- Do you have a favorite character in “Saving Hamlet”? One you had the most fun writing about?
That’s so hard! I’ve known them all for so long, it’s like picking a best friend among best friends. I guess I had the most fun writing Emma, Stanley, and Cooke. But I love Lulu too, even if her scenes aren’t all “fun” ones.
11- What do you do when you aren’t writing? Is writing a part-time or full-time job for you?
Writing has been my full-time job this past year. But doing that, I found out that I don’t want to be a full time writer, which I wasn’t expecting! For me, it was pretty isolating. So I started substitute teaching and volunteering, and felt a lot happier. I’m pursuing more teaching opportunities now, and I’m directing a student production of Twelfth Night this coming school year, which I’m SO excited to do.
12- What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Read what you love to read, and write the stories that you find when you look in your heart.
13- What audience would you recommend your book to?
I would recommend Saving Hamlet for people who want to read about any of the following: theatre, time travel, gender-bending, best friendship, LGBTQ characters, creativity, and first kisses.
14- Describe “Saving Hamlet” in 5 or fewer words.
Teenager Struggles With Shakespeare. Literally.
Thanks, Molly, for letting me interview you!!

If you would like to purchase “Saving Hamlet,” it can be found on Barnes and Noble’s website. (I tried to include a link but couldn’t figure out how.. 😦 )





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