Review Requests

Hi guys! This is Kester, and I’m going to talk to you about requests for book reviews. We are starting to accept requests to review books! If you are an author and wanting reviews for your finished copy or ARC, please see the Review Guidelines page for the rules about requests and the Contact page to communicate with either Lilly or me. We are happy to review (and interview, if that’s what you want) your book! We will accept blog tours, also.

I am going to limit the number of books I get for review, sadly though. There simply isn’t enough time to read as many books as I want to. Especially with some spiritual Catholic readings and books that are coming my way, there isn’t enough time, but I can still try to read as many as I can. We are going to accept the first however-so-many (it’s undecided) books, but we will cut-off afterwards, but we will make exceptions for books that are really interesting to either of us. It’s going to be first come, first serve, so contact us now!

I’ve already gotten three requests from authors, and I’m planning to read them soon! Shout-outs to Tom Twitchel (author of the “Benjamin Brown” series), Melanie Ifield (author of the “Fiona Page” series and the “Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard” quartet), and Angel M. B. Chadwick (author of “Corridors of My Mind”). If you have the chance, please support the authors. I’m in the process of reading their books for review

If you are reading this right now, please subscribe to and publicize LILbooKlovers to your friends, family, and fellow readers! And also if you know an author who has a book in need of a review, please have them contact LILbooKlovers. It will be a great help for the growth of Lilly and my blog! Thank you for reading this.


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