Knack, by Tom Twitchel

Hello! Kester here with another wonderful book!

9/10 Stars
DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way.

I also asked, but not required, the author(s) to subscribe and help publicize the blog. Some authors I requested for signed bookplates and swag. These requests are not in exchange for a review.
“Knack” by Tom Twitchel shows the high school life of Benjamin Brown, a runaway child from an abusive family. As his story unfolds, he uncovers his knacks, special supernatural abilities. He soon learns that many of the people who have come into his life are also naturals, people who possess these knacks, and some of them are out to get him and others are trying to help. As he uncovers evil plots within both his friends and his enemies, he must figure out a way to stop them before it’s too late.
I have to say, first of all, thank you Tom for being the first author who requested a review from me. I am so thankful for having an author like you asking me to read and review your book. I love helping publicize books that should be publicized even more. Thank you so much!

Firstly, the characterization is very wonderful. You could just applaud at it. It was really nice! You just can’t judge a book by its cover, you know! Each character was so round and dynamic. Some changed in ways I wouldn’t expect. Some people moved from protagonist to antagonist or vice versa! Each person was a die, having many sides- both good and bad. The characterization was really strong in the story. Some of my favorites weren’t my favorites from the beginning. The author knows how to craft each character well.
Secondly, plot twists and shocking revelations!  As secrets were uncovered throughout the book, your view on different characters will change. I can say that my view on Mr. Goodturn for sure was flipped from good to bad and back many times. There were times I went “No way!” because of a shocking revelation (duh duh duh!). What I liked was that there were elements of suspicion, falsehood, and foreshadowing that would make these plot twists and revelations both shocking and believable.
Thirdly, I love how the book doesn’t address some parts so that the reader wants to read the next book (“Sleight”). Although I might touch on the sequel later after a few more other requests, I’m like “I want to know what happened to so-and-so” or “What about this?”. I’m curious on how the sequel will turn out. Certainly, I will check it out!”
Now there were a few issues I had with this book. The first few being details and timing. I had to re-read a few parts because I couldn’t get a detail. I did get a little confused, but it wasn’t too bad. Honesty, I did have to skim a little for time purposes, so that’s why I did get a little confused, but there were parts where I really had to think on what just happened. I still couldn’t figure out a few details. On the timing, there were parts when was like “Wait what?” where it felt a little too sudden. The beginning had a few of these problems, but that was it, I think.
Another thing was that it did get a little dull in a few places. I could skip over a few paragraphs at a time because some things were a little bit unnecessary. There could be a little bit more action in my opinion because I love me some suspense and action and thrill. There was a great number of action and fighting scenes. I loved the parts when some characters got mad, like really mad, at each other. It was as if I was watching a soap opera at tims.
The final issue I had is the use of quotation marks. It bugged me whenever a double quotation marks (” “) would appear inside dialogue (i.e. “I just read “Knack” by Tom Twitchel.”). I’m just going to point out that whenever you are quoting something inside a quote, you use a single quotation marks (‘ ‘) inside (i.e. “I just read ‘Knack’ by Tom Twitchel.”). I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi, so I caught this. I only saw this a few times, which was good. After doing a lot of ACT English Prep, you become a big-time Grammar Nazi (you know what I mean, Mrs. Cox- my former English teacher!).
Overall, this was a wonderful book. It could have had a little more pizzazz, but this doesn’t mean it was not good. There were parts I was very hooked and others where I got a little bored, but that was okay. I still enjoyed it!
Recommendation: Yes. This series has  potential to become a great one.


If you want to buy “Knack”, which I highly recommend, buy it here!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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