Mr. Boots Sifting Time, by Alex Abaz

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way.I also asked, but not required, the author(s) to subscribe and help publicize the blog. Some authors I request for signed bookplates and swag. These requests are not in exchange for a review.
Hi guys! Kester here. I’m currently traveling from the Philippines to the U.S., and as I am writing this review, I am in Tokyo! This was a quick (really really quick) read, so that’s why I’m pretty much done with this after I got a copy a few hours earlier.
10/10 stars
“Mr. Boots Sifting Time” is a collection of contemporary poetry that is meant to ispire, motivate, and teach you. Although really short (20 pages), it is sweet. Some of them will make you think, and others you will love.
Now, why am I giving this a 10? The hard thing about rating poetry is that it’s so subjective that a poem may seem really nice to one person and stupid to another. To me, these poems did not feel stupid. They truly fulfill the authors purpose!
Some of my favorite poems are the ones related to spirituality. The poem “Heavenly Father” reminds me of a few Catholic prayers I’ve prayed before, like a mixture of Prayer for Peace, St. Benedict’s Prayer, St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Prayer for Generosity, and more. I feel like I should use this during my morning prayers! Whenever I read something that focuses on faith quite a bit, I feel joyful!
Another thing I liked is that they made me think. I reflected over fun, optimism, and treating others carefully. I thought of how the character of a person is more important than the characteristics of a person and how each moment should be savored. There will be at least one poem that will inspire you to change for the better!
The final things I would like to add is that the symbolism is quite nice! I loved how the “Pen” poem shows what each color means to her. 
There were a few issues, minor perhaps, I had with some of the poems. One would be that a few are more confusing than others. Because I have some difficulty in dissecting poetry, this isn’t big.
Two things I would like to point out really quickly: 1) Who is Mr. Boots? 2) I would like a little heads-up whenever a non-poem is included inside a poetry anthology. I don’t know why but somehow it just bugs me a bit. Not that bad, but a bit.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed this short book! It was short and sweet! It’s like the middle porridge or the middle bed: just right.
Recommendation: Yes! You’ll like it!
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