Sleight, by Tom Twitchel

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way.I also asked, but not required, the author(s) to subscribe and help publicize the blog. Some authors I requested for signed bookplates and swag. These requests are not in exchange for a review.
10/10 stars!
“Sleight” is the more action-packed, thrilling, suspenseful sequel of “Knack”. Following the events of the first book, “Sleight” sees the story of Benjamin Brown, who is caught in the middle of a war between the Naturals and the Shades, a group of people with aberrations that are going to take over the Natural population. After his girlfriend suddenly appears with a new look resembling his captor after a month, he is grouped with a group of Naturals determined to take down the Shades leader, but he soon finds out that no one, not even those who are closest to him, can be trusted.
Oh my goodness! Wow! This is so much better than the first book! Like way better! It has so much action, adventure, thrill, suspense, and drama that kept me hooked until the end. There’s so many twists and turns and surprises that the one phrase I could use to describe this book is “No way!” It could even used as a standalone! This has got to be one of my favorite books!
Now, I’m not just going to use “No way!” as the review. That just wouldn’t suffice, so I’m going to write this. The plot, oh the plot! It was amazing! I was like “How could he?” or “What?” It truly was unpredictable. I even tried to predict some things, but I was still surprised. The book is full of them! I don’t want to give some of them away because I will probably spoil the book. The ending also ended with a shocker! I loved it!
There was just so much action and suspense and thrill that kept me wanting to read more! It felt like an action movie at times, with undercover operations, battle scenes, betrayals and new friendships, new and old enemies, and more. It was fun and engaging!
There’s really nothing I can think of that I find unfavorable. I really can’t! The author has really inproved and outdone himself in this book!
Recommendation: Yes!!! You don’t have to read the first to understand it!


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