Pray For Nice

Kester here with a heartfelt message.

Our hearts here at LILbooKlovers go to the victims of the Nice Terror Attack, where at least 80 were killed and more than 200 were injured. I am offering up my thoughts and prayers for the those affected, that the dead may have eternal life, that their families may have comfort, that the injured may heal, and that these acts of violence and hatred may stop. 

As a Catholic, I would never ever condone these acts of violence. Hatred is seeping throughout the world, creating terrorism and fear. I am greatly saddened by these attacks not only in Nice, but in Orlando and Istanbul and Brussels and Paris and in other places. In Tennessee, we have had our own domestic violence attack in a city callef Chattanooga, where either four or five men were killed by a gunman. Terrorism can strike anywhere. 

Instead of hating each other based off of charateristics we don’t agree with, we should LOVE each other! I can’t emphasize how much that word means. LOVE doesn’t mean you have to like a person; LOVE means that you respect that person as a fellow human being and want the best (eternal salvation) for that person. I don’t agree with many communities (like LGBT, Pro-Choice/Abortion) and religions (Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.), but it doesn’t mean that I will hate that person. We should LOVE all human beings regardless and help them lead lives towards Christ. As Catholics say, “Hate the sin; love the person” (or something like that). 

Please remember to LOVE everybody! We are living in a world torn apart by hatred and pride and sin. Instead we should repent and continue to seek God, regardless of our differences.


3 thoughts on “Pray For Nice

    1. Hi! Thanks for asking! My viewpoints are from a Catholic standpoint, and I would like to elaborate on them here.
      I do not condone homosexual relations or actions because it’s against my faith, so I do not support those beliefs of the LGBT community. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and that’s why I oppose same sex marriage. However, homosexuality itself is not a mortal sin, but acting upon those tendencies is. There are people in the Catholic Church who have homosexual tendencies, but live chaste and moral lives. The people in the LGBT community are still human beings, and we should treat them with love and respect. Hatred is something I do condemn. There is no reason why someone should hate others. I will NEVER support violence or discrimination against them. Unjust discrimination because of sexuality, race, gender, etc. is morally wrong. I do condemn the Orlando shooting because no one should be killed because of their sexuality or race or gender or such. This is unjust discrimination. My hearts and prayers goes out to those people who have been killed, and I hope for their eternal salvation. When I mean by “agree”, I mean that I do not agree with their beliefs or stances, but nevertheless, I will treat them with love and respect as they are still human beings and God’s children, who He still loves very much. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you!


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