Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton

Hi guys!! Long time, no post!! It’s been a pretty busy summer!! I’m back, however, and have lots of good books lined up!! My most recent beach read was “Fifteenth Summer” by Michelle Dalton.


Chelsea is traveling with her family to her grandmothers lake house for the first time since her grandmothers passing. Chelsea was NOT looking forward to the summer. The last thing she was expecting was Josh: the cute boy from the bookstore. Chelsea and Josh hit it off immediatly.. but there is one problem: Chelsea must go back home at the end of summer.

My opinion on the book-

I thought the book was OK!! It wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t bad. At times it got a bit boring. I thought it was pretty predictable, and there was not exactly anything exciting happening!! But, I obviously finished it, so it was not too bad!! Overall, I wouldn’t read it again. I probably wouldn’t reccommend to a friend!! There are definitly better love stpries out there!!

Overall rating-

I’d give it a 4/10

Thanks for reading!! I have some books sent to me by authors that will have reviews soon!! Give me suggestions of YOUR favorite books in the comments!! Who knows, I just my read them!! Until next time.. Happy reading!!


(P.S. Check out my new review policy if you are an author wanting a book review)


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