Enoch and the Stars Above, by Rich Paz

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way.

I also asked, but not required, the author(s) to subscribe and help publicize the blog. Some authors I request for signed bookplates and swag. These requests are not in exchange for a review.
9/10 stars

“Enoch and the Stars Above” zooms through the story of Enoch Sotheby, an average kid who doesn’t think he’s special, who soon is thrust into an intergalactic war that has the fate of Earth in his hands. With the help of his best friends and Uriel, an Arc, Enoch soon discovers his purpose in the cosmos while fighting against the forces of evil that has already corrupted the human race.

Oh my goodness. This is not what I’d expected. For a both author and series debut book, this was really strong. Really strong. It really grabbed my attention so many times! I was so hooked! It was short and sweet- really nice!
The main thing I love about the book is the symbolism. The first thing that blared in my head was Uriel’s name. Surprisingly, I have a keychain and medal folder of Uriel the Archangel, who is the Archangel of Justice. There are other Arcs, which I realized stands for Archangel- so that might be a hint for some symbols. There’s also much more symbolism hidden inside the book. I loved uncovering and unmasking each one!
The story was really interesting and suspenseful. There were parts that I was really interested that I re-read them a few times to think and ponder over them.


Another thing I love about the book is that is was really suspenseful and interesting. There were many parts, mostly historical things, that interested me, especially how the story intertwined with real history. It was also surprising at many parts. Sometimes, you wouldn’t expect some things. Other times, you’re so hooked into the story you don’t want to stop! I loved it!


There were a few things that bugged me a bit. I think that author should have toned down on the onomatopoeias. It felt too much at times. Also, some characters came too sudden. One character I thought was a typo until I realized she was another character separate from that character I thought she was supposed to be. There was another one that was so minor he didn’t have to be there unless it’s a hint for upcoming plot lines. There were a few flaws, but I understand that since this is a debut book.


Overall, I liked this book. I’m actually looking forward to the next one. I love those kinds of endings (am I spoiling it too much?). It was really nice! It captivated me a lot! This series has a lot of potential! I guess this book is one of those “stars”.

Recommendation: Yes!



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