Love Blind, by C. Desir and Jolene Perry

DISCLAIMER: I received a free signed copy of this book from one of the authors C. Desir herself. In no way will this affect my review.


Rating: 2/10 stars- DNF at 40%


Usually with free signed books, I honestly would have high hopes and expectations. Sometimes, I don’t have high expectations (“My Senior Year of Awesomeness”) but they exceed them, and other times I do have high expectations (“Even if the Sky Falls”) and they fail to meet them. Even though I am not a romance person, I was looking forward to this book, but I just couldn’t stand it.


I started this book without looking at the reviews on Goodreads. Ooh, not so great. Currently a 3.44, which is not that good, and this review will probably be one of those. There was so much I couldn’t stand. I normally don’t stop reading a book in the middle of it, but I had to.


I know that many teenagers and young adults only care about sex, but please, do NOT ever go graphic or explicit with it. I had to skip over tons of sexual stuff. I hated that. There are books where it was still great (“Naked and Far from Home”), but this wasn’t good. This was horrible- I got to be honest. There’s too much sex around here and not too much plot. In “My Senior Year of Awesomeness”, a high school backdrop didn’t seem to make a great setting, but it actually did. In “Love Blind”, it was very dull.


I love the synopsis and dual POV. Those foundations were great. They were the blueprints that impressed me- but when the workers (the authors- I’m using a metaphor here) actually built the building, it wasn’t good. I just couldn’t stand it. It was poorly executed. If I were the authors, I would reduce the sex and add more plot, suspense, and speed.


I know this review might seem poorly written, but I just couldn’t stand it. It annoyed me that it wasn’t enjoyable. There might not be a true reason I could write down on paper, but I know there are many reasons. I just didn’t like it. Simple.


Recommendation: Do not read.







Kester’s July in Review

Hi guys! Man, Summer’s over, and school has started. Wow, it has flown by fast! I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to, but I did accomplish a lot. This past month has been filled with some great books! Now here’s my July in review!

1. Knack, by Tom Twitchel

  • The first installment of the Benjamin Brown series. Fun and enjoyable, but confusing in a few parts. Not as great as the second- see below- but still a wonderful first for the author.

2. Mr. Boots Sifting Time: Modern Day Poetry that Teaches the Power of Positive Thought: Motivation for Personal Development & Mindfulness, by Alex Abaz

  • I love poetry! This book was short and sweet. So sweet that I love it! 

3. Sleight, by Tom Twitchel

  • Oh man, this book was SO SO SO good!!! It was amazing! Like a suspense and thriller movie, but as a book! 

4. St. Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages: The Layman’s Quick Guide to Thomism, by Taylor R. Marshall, Ph.D.

  • Great read to learn about St. Thomas Aquinas and his theological views. A great overview of theology.

38. Even if the Sky Falls, by Mia Garcia

  • I had such high hopes, but this book didn’t cut it for me. Just like the sky, my rating fell.

39. Davenport House, by Marie Silk

  • Woah. So much mystery and shockers. I kept on getting punched in the face with surprises and revelations I would have never expected! Man, this was good.

40. Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun, by John M. Haffert

  • I truly believe the Miracle of the Sun happened in Fatima. Want proof? Listen to the 70,000 people who witnessed it. A great and wonderful read. It will change your view on our world and miracles.

And thise were my July reads! Currently, I am reading “Love Blind” by Jolene Perry and Christa Desir and “Grim Nora and the Secret of the Skull” by A.M. Albaugh (who has requested for a review). You will continue to hear from me, but because school will be very busy, my reading schedule will frequently change! But I will remember to try and post something!

Kester’s 1-Star DNF’s 

Since school for me is starting, I would like to list books that I couldn’t even start. These books- I couldn’t get through the first few pages!
The Secret Speech, by Tom Rob Smith

  • Ugh. I couldn’t get through the beginning. I love World War II books, but when the Soviet main character blew up that Orthodox Church, (even though I’m Catholic) I couldn’t stand it. I just had to stop. Communism is too atheistic for me to handle. Many books that take place in communist Russia with atheistic characters don’t work well for me. That’s how David Benioff’s City of Thieves couldn’t work out (mostly because of too much lust). I can’t handle communists’ immorality.

The Amber Project, by J.N. Chaney

  • Ooh… I love the premise: a post-disease epidemic world. But the first few pages just couldn’t hook me. I know there’s books where I would continue, but I just didn’t understand the beginning! 

Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury, by L.W.R. Lee

  • I just couldn’t understand the beginning. It was too confusing! I couldn’t really grasp what happened. That’s the problem of fantasy to me sometimes- it’s too confusing.

Fortunately, I got these books either for free or for a cheap price, but these books aren’t worth it. They’re worth 1’s in my opinion. These books are DNF’s, and I hate to have to say that.