Cayli Reviews: Alibi Interrupted by J.L Pattison

img_5944LOVED IT. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it. 10/10

I really enjoyed the plot and how well it was. It slid from one event to the other, from past to present to future. It was just so wonderful!

There is literally nothing else I can say other than perfection. The characters, the plot, the story… They were all played together so nicely, creating something I wouldn’t be surprised reading from an actual book in my hand.

Everything explained itself. I was confused when Stewart said he would die soon, but I was easily answered later on in the story. I have seen authors (me included) that will give out a mystery they forget to answer so it is just this unanswered void that puts a hole in the plot. This author did everything correctly, leaving no unanswered questions!

Later on, it turned into so much more. Suddenly it wasn’t about his trip in specifics. It was the outcome of him never going. I felt horrible for Stacy and what happened to her. I have no idea what I’d do  in her situation.

Do I like it better than The Visitor? I’ll have to say yes. The characters were a lot cooler and the plot was much biggee. Not saying that The Visitor was awful (I loved it). Alibi Interrupted seemed to hold a lot of care into it, as if the author spent a lot more time into this story than any other.

This review came in very late and I apologize. I’ve been working on a lot of projects. Sorry about that!


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