Cayli Reviews: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

If you haven’t heard of Becca Fitzpatrick, I recommend going to your local library to get a book or two from her. She’s one of my favortie authors. Black Ice was my first book read from her. An exciting adventure about the clichè cabin in the woods where a girl tries to get away from a psychopath. It was awesome! I personally love Cabin in the Woods stories; she put twists inside of it that made me absolutely fall in love with it.
But this isn’t what we’re reviewing. We’re reviewing her most prized book published: Hush, Hush.

Summary: (as said on the back of the book)

“When Nora and Patch are forced together as lab partners, Nora would rather fall to her death than put up with his elusive answers to her questions, his teasing, and his infuriatingly handsome dace and hypnotoizing eyes. It seems Patch was put on earth just to drive her crazy.

But before long, Nora’s defenses start to break down as her curiousity about Patch heats up. Why does he always seem to be wherever she is and know exactly what she’s thinking? How does he know what to say to both attract and repulse her? And what is up with those V-Shaped scars on his chiseled back?

As their connection grows stronger, Nora’s own life becomes increasingly fragile. Nora needs to decide: Is Patch the one who wants to do harm or the one who will keep her safe? Has she fallen for one of the fallen?”

Here we have it again: an outstanding cliche-but-still-entertaining story about a bad boy fallen angel falling in love with a normal human girl.

I rate it 10/10. I couldn’t put it down. At one point, I was in Art class, reading when I got to one part. I had to put the book down and recollect myself. “WHY? NO. NO. I DON’T ACCEPT THAT.” One the girls around the table looked over and asked me if I was all right. I wasn’t “all right.”

Usually when I read books, I can only really read when I have free time in school. At home, I get distracted by other things. This book had me laying on my bed, missing dinner and valuable time to do homework. It had me hooked!

So many characters to keep track of. When you’re focused on what one person is doing, you forget that this other character is in the back, plotting something you don’t expect. By the time they actual do it, you were already set on another person being the main antagonist. Oh, yeah… Forgot about him… Oops.

Patch is awesome. He’s hilarious. He’s a mystery to everyone. I fell in love with his character when he first sat down next to Nora and annoyed her for the entire length of class.

Nora is special girl. Very good main character. She’s strongwilled but it doesn’t take away the fear she has for the world she as sucked into. Maybe we’ll see her in action in the following books. This first book was mostly to get her aware of the new life she’s going to have to start living whether she likes it or not. Nora asks a lot of questions… A lot of questions… Pretty much all the questions a reader should be asking throughout the book. What does he mean? How does he know that? Where did he go? What is he planning?

Any bad reviews for this book? Hmm… Can’t say there are. I saw grammar mistakes. There are still some unanswered questions that will hopfully be answered in the next book Crescendo.

If you’re into the Bad Boy Protecting a Small Girl from the Dangers of the World type of thing then read this book! Fitzpatrick is good at what she does. Every character has a personality. The plot is full of crazy events. The mood of it all is creepy but endearing. I can’t wait to get started on Crescendo.



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