Kester Reviews: We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart

Hi guys! I’ve finally gotten another book finished! So happy!

Rating: 8/10 stars
“We Were Liars”… I can’t really make a summary of this. It was too crazy. Here’s a 16-word (since today is September 16) summary:

Rich, crazy family. Four friends are Liars. Girl had accident. Private island. Love, Lies, Forgotten Memories.

This book. Gosh! I don’t know what to say about it! I’m left speechless! What. Just. Happened? This was quite a ride. You wouldn’t expect anything!

That ending. Just leaving it at that. It will change your entire perspective on the book! I didn’t even make a theory of what will happen at the end, but it still blew my mind! It makes so much sense! Gladly, it wasn’t one of those endings that I would throw the book at the wall and then be sad because I damaged it! I was left speechless. The author is very, very brilliant in how she wrote this. She is!

I can’t say much about this book without spoiling any details about the ending. It’s like you think you know everything about what’s going on, then you realize, you don’t! It’s the same way with me in Honors Algebra II yesterday. I thought I knew everything there is to know about functions and factoring. Turns out I was wrong! Did you know that if you divide a polynomial by (x – a) that if you substitute a into the polynomial, the answer is the remainder of the division problem! This was just like “We Were Liars”!

Now, I did not like this book in the first half. It wasn’t great. I just didn’t like it! It just felt either too dull or confusing at the beginning. I didn’t see how the events led up to the climax, though. Once it progressed, then it became better. A lot better. I just didn’t know how to feel about it. Before I reached the Finale, I was so neutral about the book! I hated it, but I liked it. It’s like when you eat something that you still want to eat because it kind of tastes good, but you don’t really like, but you still want to. I felt the same way with this book.

The two things about the author’s style that bugged me were the sudden flashbacks and the choppiness. With the flashbacks, I didn’t know what was past and present. I read this book thinking it would be a linear progression through time. I was wrong. Many of the chapters were events from the past, rather than in the future. This confused me a lot! I didn’t know what was past and present, especially the author doesn’t “warn” you. She really doesn’t.

The other thing is choppiness. The first thing is that I didn’t like the stories at the beginning, but I liked them at the end. They felt too “sudden” for me, but as the story progressed, I liked them more. Then how the author’s style bugged me a bit in some places. She wrote in choppy lines

Like this.

It bugged me.

Since those chapters

Were not poems.

I did not

Like it.

It ruined

The flow

Of the story.

Can you imagine reading a story, a STORY, that writes like that? I understand with poetry, especially since that creates a nice rhythm. In a book, I want the sentences to be continuous. That was another thing that annoyed me a bit.

Overall, this was a decent book. The ending is what will get readers. This wasn’t the “perfect” book, but the ending was the “perfect” ending. I love these types of endings that will change you! Endings that you do not expect! Plot twists that will change the course of the entire story forever! I love them.

Recommendation: No. I’m Lying! Along with the characters of the book, we were liars. And now I tell the truth: Sure! Go ahead!




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