Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick 

First off, my rating:

6/10 seems harsh, but I feel honest.

Hush, Hush was such an exciting book. I absolutely loved it. I adored the main character Nora and the myterious Patch. The plot was amazing and I had an awesome time reading it.

The summary of Crescendo:

Nora has been going relationship issues. She won’t stop jumping to conclusions and creates more problems for herself.

Sorry, sorry. Here’s the real summary:

“With summer starting and Patch-her extremely protective, extremely hot guardian angel-by her side, things seemed perfect for Nora Grey. Unfortunately, she has to take a summer scchool class, and Patch has suddenly grown distant and developed interest in Nora’sarchenemy, Marcie Millar.

If she hadn’t been so frustrated by Patch, Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old friend who moved back to town. His attitude alone is enough to drive her away, but Nora is myteriously drawn to him and the secrets he seems to have about her past.

On top of all that, Nora is suddenly haunted by images of her murdered father, and questions whether her Nephilim bloodline has anythinf to do with his death. Desperate for answers, Nora risks everybing despite warnings from everyone she knows that some things are better left buried.”

Okay, where do I start? Maybe start with the fact that I am not here to throw a hatred rant. I enjoyed the book. I really did. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to get my hands on Silence. 

But the layout of the story was annoying at times. As I was reading, I caught myself asking these questions similar to: “Wait, didn’t you just say he was a killer?” Things like that. One moment it was all about one thing and the next it was something entirely different. It was really confusing.

Okay, spoiler time….. (read at your own risk).


The characters. Nora is so, so annoying in this book. So many times I had to stop reading it just because she was making these dumb decisions. Nora jumps to conclusions at the slightest piece of evidence. In the beginning, she breaks up with Patch because he was at Marcie’s house? Seriously. Patch was in the middle of explaining to her WHY she was at Marcie’s house, yet Nora cut him off completely. Beautiul way to start off a book about angels and murders: break up with your boyfriend over a stupid jealousy problem.

Patch isn’t innocent in this book either. He was a jerk. Instead of being clear with Nora about anything, he hinted that someone was trying to kill her. I understand the archangels are doing whatever they can to catch Patch in a bad moment with Nora, but I honestly didn’t even notice he was trying to tell Nora anything important until the very last dream Nora had of him.

Most of the characters made stupid decisions and had this annoying side to them. Vee, Patch, Nora, Scott. Rixon even.

The plot really dragged on to me. I liked it, but a lot of it was Nora getting mad at Patch for hanging out with Marcie all the time. When Nora was hearing her father and getting her arm pulled through a window, was I really getting into it. It wasn’t just about Patch anymore. It was about her and how she was going to find her father’s murderer.

The plot twist with Rixon really had me. Rixon? Really? Wasn’t Vee’s last boyfriend a psycho too? Okay, Vee. Let’s sit down and have a chat on your relationship choices. This is kind of going off what the YouTuber Book Reviewer CassJayTuck: Rixon’s explanation on how he formed his plan was very… risky. He took a lot of risks that sounded like he just took whatever chance he got to throw Nora off and got lucky.

Again, I honestly think the next book is going to be ten times better than Crescendo. I read the preview of it in my book and it starts off crazy. Really can’t wait to find out what Nora got herself into this time.

This sounded like a bad review over Crescendo. Honestly, it was a meh” for me. Not the best book I’ve read but I have hope that it was just because it was a second book.


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