Author Interview with Rich Paz!!!

Hey guys! It’s Kester here! You know, trying to read while volunteering a lot, editing almost a video every day or week, practicing violin and voice, and trying to pray as much as I can would leave sometimes little time to read. I now would be happy to read one book a week! Just one book and I’m happy. Since I do not have a review for you, I have an inteview! Here it is with my author friend Rich Paz, author of Enoch and the Stars Above!


1. In your own words, what is your book Enoch and the Stars Above about?img_6051-1

Enoch and the Stars Above is about human consciousness. It´s about how we all have the power to change everything around us.

2. What inspired you to write your book?

My wife Dafne. She was the inspiration for this book. She challenged me to accomplish this feat. I used to be a musician before writing this book. I haven´t written a song ever since. I enjoy writing books a whole lot more and always thank her for encouraging me to bring about this story and future stories I am working on.

3. The existence of alien life is a fascinating subject. Have you been fascinated with aliens as a little kid? Do you believe they exist?

Yes, I have always been fascinated with this subject. It´s actually always been my favorite topic, everything related to alien life and science fiction.

4. Who are your favorite authors, and which of them have impacted your writing style or your story?

I really don´t have a favorite author. I really started reading a lot about 5 years ago. I started by reading the Hunger Games series as well as Maze Runner. Since then I have read so many wonderful stories and I have gotten to know so many great authors. Maybe, my favorite writer could be Khaled Hosseini. I´ve read all his books and I cannot decide which of his books is my favorite because he is so gifted in his writing ability, but then again there are so many great authors I´ve discovered in the past 5 years. Thank God for authors and the stories and books they write!

5. What are your favorite genres to read and write? What are your favorite books?

I really love a good YA novel as well as Science Fiction more than anything. But I´ll read just about anything as long as it´s got a good story to tell.

6. I’m trying not to spoil some parts of the story, but did you mean to incorporate a lot of symbolism in the book?

Yes, it was my intention. I wanted people to come away with different things, to get different meanings from the characters and the story. I wanted readers to associate themselves with the book. I wanted for people to be able to immerse themselves into this story as much as possible.

7. When I was a child, I moved from the Philippines to here in America. What made you move from Miami to Mexico City? Do you like Mexico much better than Florida?

I moved to Mexico to discover a new culture. I wanted to go through a different type of experience. I moved to Mexico City in 2005 and I´m still here. I like both places. Miami and Mexico are very different, but they have their positives as well as their negatives. I just wish that I had both of them within driving distance of each other.

8. Who was your favorite character to write?

My favorite character to write was Enoch with Danica a close second. I felt it was a challenge to write for Enoch because I wanted to see the world through another person´s eyes and I can only hope I did the character the justice he so deserves.

9. Do you think an alien invasion could happen, like what happened in your book?

Yes, I think anything is possible.

10. Do you like watching alien invasion movies or TV shows, like the X-Files or Independence Day?

Yes, I like all things science fiction. But I have gone away a little bit from watching the movies and started to read the books instead. I feel like the books have a lot more to offer and are a lot more detailed than movies.

11. What do you do when you’re not writing? Is writing a part-time or a full-time job for you?

I am an English teacher and I teach mainly adults at companies in Mexico City. Right now, writing is something I do part-time, but I´d like for it to be my full-time job.

12. Have you written anything before this book? Are you currently working on anything?

No, this is my first book. This is like the fourth edition of my first book. I am also currently writing my second book titled the Fire Below, the sequel to Enoch and the Stars Above. I plan to make it a six-part series.

13. Do you have any tips to aspiring writers?

Yes, never give up. If you feel strongly about an idea you have in your head, continue with it. Don´t give up on your dreams. Also, listen to people. Listen to people that like the genre you are writing in. Your idea can benefit a great deal from constructive criticism. Your writing world can be immensely amplified from the comments.
Thank you so much Rich! I hope that your next book will come out well!


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