Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Disclaimer: I received a free signed bookplate from the author herself. This is not part of a review trade agreement and will not affect my review.
Rating (inflated): 9/10


Found outlines the story of Jonah Skidmore, who soons finds out there’s more secrets to both his and his best friend Chip’s adoptions. Being chased by the FBI and unknown enemies, the two along with Jonah’s sister (who’s not adopted) Katherine uncovers a mystery that relates to not only them, but a whole bunch of other adopted children. Soon, after witnessing many strange events that one cannot explain, they soon are thrust into a secret plot that could unravel not only their lives but time and space.


Let me give you my dilemma with this book. I did something that one should never ever do with a book that they might actually read later. You should not, and I mean NEVER, read the Wikipedia summary before you read this book. It ruined the book for me. I did like the book, but knowing the ending ruined my adventure. It did. So today’s lesson is NEVER READ WIKIPEDIA SUMMARIES!!! I’d rather be oblivious to the ending, so it added more suspense. I was mostly “when is this going to happen?” a lot in the book.


Was the book very intriguing? Yes. Was the idea of the book really nice? Yes. Did reading the summary online ruin my chances of enjoying the book? Yes. Did I still enjoy it nevertheless? Yes. Is this like watching the new Star Wars movie with spoilers, knowing what will happen next even if you don’t want to know, even though this didn’t happen to me? Yes.


If I hadn’t read the summary, I would have loved the suspense and intrigue. This book reminds me of We Were Liars: The ending will change you! It will! It changes your entire perspective on this book. Also, there are some bits of foreshadowing that also will hint to the ending. Some of them are obvious while some of them are not. You just got to look out for them.


Here’s the one of thing that bugged me about the book. Please don’t read this if you don’t want any spoilers.

I wish there was more about time travel in the book. It was more of a “I found a secret and I want to learn more about it” type of book. I looked forward to a lot about time travel and history, but it didn’t work out. I actually prefer The Infinity Ring series over this book. I do. There should have been more time travel rather than revelation, but that’s just my opinion.



Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book. This series would be a nice one if I hadn’t read the entire Wikipedia summaries for the entire series!


Recommendation: Sure. Go ahead!




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