The Thinking Dilemma, by Kyle Willkom

Hi guys! It’s Kester, and I just attended an amazing event! It was the Middle TN CTSO, and I had so much fun! I almost won Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, but second place against like 50 people is also very good! And I met some nice people, such as the girl who smashed her pinky toe with a hammer, the girl who can read 300 pages in only 2 hours, and the girl who actually has the same birthday, May 17! And I met an old friend, which was so cool!

So our keynote speaker was Kyle Willkom, both paid author, speaker, and rapper. Yes. Rapper. He makes raps about getting girls who are soldiers, who have Snapchats, and who play PokemonGo. For real! It was hilarious! And I was able to get a signed copy of his book The Thinking Dilemma.

DISCLAIMER: I got this copy signed! In no way will this affect my review.

Rating: 8/10 stars

The Thinking Dilemma is meant to inspire kids to think for themselves and change the way they perceive the world. Kids and teens today don’t think, which is something I personally agree. Willkom wants teens to change their outlook on life, making their actions much better for their peers and the world.

In terms of Kyle speaking, I loved it! It was hilarious! I really enjoyeed listening to him rap and speak, but mostly rap. With a book, it didn’t feel as effective. Maybe because I already listened to him. Maybe because I didn’t feel like I needed to know more and change more. 

I really commend Kyle for delivering his message. We need more people who know how to actually think for themselves and not focus too much on the downs of life. We see so many people complaining every single day, and that can start to rub off on us. It’s a vicious cycle that we must get out of!

It was a nice quick read. I finished this, surprisingly in about an hour on the bus, where my group and I passed by a truck that caught on fire and exploded and a blocked off Instertate where cars stretched out for 10-20 miles. It wasn’t too long to disinterest the reader, but it could have been a bit longer.

Although I really enjoyed the message, here are just my two cents on how this book could be improved.

1. This is an avid reader, writer, or author’s pet peeve about fonts: keep them the same! There were pages that had only 12 words in 100-point font. There were pages with 100 words in 12-point font. It was so inconsistent that it was both annoying and funny.

2. The book wasn’t really that organized. I see the transitions, but with some separations with chapters, it would be better. Like if I wanted to know how to think, I want to go to the chapter that specifically is about how to think. One should not scan 90 pages to find it. I like my things consistent and organized, except for my desk and room, where everything is (or was before I HAD to clean it) in an organized mess.

I liked this book, overall, but it could better. I think this seems more like something a stenographer (one of those court people) would write if he or she was hired to write every word of what Kyle would say in a speech to a group. 

Recommendation: Yes.


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