What’s With Me and Book Giveaways?

Hi guys! Kester here, and I have some great news:

I won Jennifer Brody’s YASH Bonus Giveaway for a signed copy of her award-winning debut The 13th Continuum! I am really excited to read it!

Now, there’s something funny with me and book giveaways. I have won about nine giveaways in the past six months, yet I only was able to use/download seven prizes.

I would like to say something really quick first: yes, I know I’m under 18, but I was given special permission that is standing right now by my dad who says I can enter these types of giveaways. Just to clear that up.

I probably have entered dozens and dozens of giveaways, yet nine wins is to me a great feat. I love getting free books… especially free SIGNED books (yet most of them weren’t…).


The first giveaway I won was Joshua McCune’s YASH Bonus giveaway for Talker 25: Invisible Monsters last spring. I remember I was internally screaming, like “Ahh!!! I actually won!!!” in my mind in Computer Applications when I got the e-mail. Although I didn’t win YASH and 20 books- aww!- I still was really happy. And that’s where my giveaway spree started.

Soon, I got more giveaways wins.

From SourceBooks through TeachingBooks.Net, I won Nancy J. Cavanaugh’s Just Like Me, which was my second giveaway win!

From Epic Reads, I got an Advanced Reader’s Copy (or ARC) of Even if the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia. I wasn’t even notified. I just got a package in the mail, assuming it was from an author who said she’ll send me a signed copy of her book that she never sent, but then I found out I won a giveaway!

From YA Insider, I got a free $5 Amazon gift card from Maureen Miller (which I never was able to redeem) and a free e-book copy of Naked and Far from Home by J.P. Grider, which you can find the review here.

From YA DASH, I received a free Kindle copy of Pintip Dunn’s Forget Tomorrow, which has a really nice cover by the way.

From Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, I technically was supposed to get a free e-book copy of Nicole Conway’s Traitor, but the blogger never sent the copy to me.

I also won two Audible Audiobooks: The Misanthrope: Stone’s Story by S.M. Boyce and narrated by Tim Campbell and Transient Echoes by J.N. Chaney and narrated by Steve Barnes.


Somehow, I’ve just had great rewards from these giveaways. And they made some of my reading adventures sweeter. One reason why I keep going with Even if the Sky Falls was that it was won from a giveaway. It made the story so bittersweet. I did enjoy three of the reads I got, and if I ever have the time, I’ll look into Pintip Dunn’s book.


And that’s my giveaway story.


*** Good news! I am currently in the process of creating a LILbooKlovers Twitter and Facebook page! I will get the links once I’m done! Please share these links and subscribe to them! Currently, LILbooKlovers is only branching out in my personal Instagram @the_kesdawg. Go check it out! ***


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