All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (Review by Cayli Lambert)

Though this book didn’t quite reach My Top Ten, All the Bright Places is definitely on the edge. I give it a 9.5/10. It was beautiful and enduring.


Violet Markey is the popular girl everyone accepts and loves. Theodore Finch is the freak of the school. Two people with different backgrounds may have just found the one thing that connects them both. Violet is looking for something-or someone-to help her back out of the “Blue Hole” she’s fallen into. Theodore Finch doesn’t mind one bit to be the One for her.

This summary was wrote by me. Usually, I go straight from the back of the book so I give you guys the full effect without anything left out.

From the first page, this book has pulled me into its grasp and has twisted every emotion. both Violet and Finch have their own past that they rather not talk about. As bits and pieces come into play, you begin to feel horrible for each character. By the end of the book, you’re left in tears. At least, that’s how I was.

At first, it makes you think that Finch is some ordinary guy who just likes to dress up as a different person every week. He’s American one day, Australian the next! That’s when the book sucks you in. Finch was hard NOT to love. He’s was so different and special. Violet, on the other hand, followed the crowd. She was a popular girl with popular friends and a popular boyfriend. How was life so hard for her? It wasn’t until her sister died in a crash, leaving her in pieces. Throughout the book, she struggles to find herself again; to find joy in anything.. At first, I actually thought of her as a little annoying by the short responses she gave everyone.



“I don’t know.”

Like really, Violet? At least say something a little more intriguing. But as the story progresses, I learned that she was slowly opening up to us and to Finch. Violet was learning more about herself as we learned more about her. That was absolutely amazing.

I can’t say much more without spoiling the whole book so I’ll let you see for yourself just how great of a book it is. I cried, of course. It was late at night when I finished it; I laid in bed, contemplating what I had read.

This contemporary is one of the best I’ve read. Absolutely loved it. I have a close friend who says she’s read it about ten times over and over again, claiming it to be her favorite book of all time. If you’ve read All the Bright Places, I encourage you to try Holding Up the Universe. Both books were written by the same wonderful author.





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