New Logo for LILbooKlovers!

Hey guys! LILbooKlovers has a new logo for the blog! I (Kester) designed it using Google Docs. Here is the new logo below!


I’m going to upload the changes onto our blog, and I will make business cards to help promote our blog via in person and word-of-mouth! Look out for some new reviews (including Alex Abaz’s What’s Next?), and a new installment series on my visit to the Southern Festival of Books (with me meeting some very famous and cool authors)!


6 thoughts on “New Logo for LILbooKlovers!

  1. Kester, Was it easy to use google docs to do the logo? Never used it that way. And by the way, was the mention (Alex Abaz’s What’s Next?) done by autofiller?


    1. Well, it was a little tricky, but it was easier for me since our logo is not too complex. I didn’t want to use a logo maker because of copyright/credit issues, so I made the book all by scratch, rather than use a pre-existing public domain picture. What happened with your post what that I transferred it through copy and paste from my iPhone Notes, so it turned out that way. I’ll see if I can change that on a computer soon! (and I don’t know what autofiller actually is… I think the format’s what you’re talking about….)


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