Kester Reviews: The Dark Unwinding, by Sharon Cameron

Rating: 9/10 stars
The Dark Unwinding “unwinds” the tale of Katherine Pullman, who is sent by her mean mother to visit her supposed estranged uncle’s estate after he is revealed to have been squandering the family fortune. Katherine soon finds herself in a secluded village near her uncle’s estate full of people Uncle “Tully,” as the townspeople call him, brought off the streets and the factories. She is soon conflicted whether she should obey her mother or save the village until she uncovers a plan that risks her life and the entire country of England.

This book was so eerie! It gave me so many chills, and I found myself being creeped out at every turn and corner. I debated throughout the book whether this was going to become a paranormal book, but it will all make sense with the ending. It really does. I found myself trying to piece together the puzzle of the story, but in the end, the solution was not what you expected it to be. The characters were also suspicious in each of their own ways. Whether it be Uncle Tully’s behaviors to Lane’s secrets, you won’t trust any of these characters. I was expecting some sort of “surprise” from each of the characters. I got what I wanted.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that the character didn’t feel too emotionally connected with the story. It felt bland at times, not because of the action, but because of the narrator. I didn’t feel as drawn in as I was other books where I can’t stop reading. When things got sad, I didn’t get sad, even though it’s in a first person narrative.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book! It’s a creepy adventure that will have you on the edge of your seats at times and will captivate you.

Recommendation: Go ahead!


3 thoughts on “Kester Reviews: The Dark Unwinding, by Sharon Cameron

  1. This story is based on Wellbeck Abbey, which has fantastic history. I highly encourage anyone reading this to Google Wellbeck Abbey, the pink rooms and the clockwork robots that still work!


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