Return of the Continuums, by Jennifer Brody

Hey guys! It’s Kester. Man, the election was such a roller coaster, but I want to lighten the mood by posting up another special review!

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic review copy from Turner Publishing and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I have also won a free physical copy of this book in a giveaway hosted by Shelf Pleasure, and I also have received book swag from the author Jennifer Brody herself. This will not affect my review.

Rating: 10/10 stars

Return of the Continuums continues the story of Myra Jackson of the Thirteenth Continuum and Captain Aero Wright of the Second Continuum and their companions, but now a new character is introduced: Seeker, a weakling wanting to become a Strong One from the underground Seventh Continuum. As all of their adventures intertwine, the survivors face life and death facing some of their most dangerous enemies as they try to reach the First Continuum, in which their arrivals can restore their Continuums and all of humanity.

Although I kind of like the first book a little better than the second, I still loved this book nonetheless! It was an amazing book! I felt as if I was a part of the story since I felt a variety of emotions from this story, whether I was shocked, scared, or even crying. It truly felt like I was watching an actual action/adventure movie!

I was so intrigued by Seeker’s backstory. At the end of The 13th Continuum, she was first introduced, but I was so intrigued whether she was a monster or a human or something else. The story of her and the Seventh Continuum is very interesting! I love how more Continuums enter the story! Also, Seeker’s character is well-written, someone controlled by the animal impulse of survival of the fittest, but still having human emotion still inside her. I really loved her character, and I wished there was more of her in the story.

The story was such a roller coaster! The book will literally suck you in at times! I almost cried once or twice, and I’m not going to spoil which part it was that’s really really sad, because something tragic happens. Almost all of the elements of a good movie plot is present in the story, from betrayal to heartbreak, romance to action, intrigue and plot twists. The ending will surprise you! Be warned. It will provide the ground for the final (aww….) book that will probably be just as intense. I didn’t want the book to end; I was wanting more!

I honestly didn’t find myself as “I can’t put this down” as the first book. It might have been that the ending might have started off a bit slower. Maybe it was how placing Seeker and the Seventh Continuum into the story started off a bit rocky (like how a plane might not have the smoothest landing). Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it really much. I really want to read the final book! I just want to know how it ends!

You are going to love this book! I will guarantee it. You can’t really separate the books of the series because their each part of the story. Each book is not a standalone; it’s a big quilt.You can’t separate each patch because each patch makes up the entire quilt.

Recommendation: Please read it!!!

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