Upcoming Changes for the New Year

Greetings everybody! We would like to announce the upcoming changes that will take place in LILbooKlovers for the New 2017 Year!

One thing I would like to point out to all our new readers and viewers is that most of the posts will be written by Kester, who is the main book blogger and reviewer, but we will say who wrote the post on each one. Cayli also reviews and posts once in a while. You can actually tell who’s writing the post based off of our writing styles. Can you guess who’s writing this? If you need some help, compare the two links below, the top written by Kester and the bottom written by Cayli.

Kester’s Writing Style

Cayli’s Writing Style

Comment below who you think wrote this blog post!

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Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Brody

Hi guys! Today we have one of my favorite authors of all-time: Jennifer Brody! She is the author of The Continuum Trilogy, and I’ve loved her books so much! I hope you’ll enjoy this interview!


1. Congrats that your new book “Return of the Continuums,” the second book in “The Continuum Trilogy,” just released! In your own words, what is the series about?roc-freestanding-book

The series begins with an event called The Doom that destroys the surface of the Earth, rendering it uninhabitable for 1000 years. Before that happens, humans are evacuated to colonies located in three different environments—underwater deep in the ocean trenches, underground, and in outer space, including a Mars colony. They’re supposed to go into exile for 1000 years and then return to the Surface to restart life on Earth. Though not everything has gone as planned… (no spoilers!). In the first book, we track Myra, who is an Engineering pledge in the underwater Thirteenth Continuum that has fallen into a dark age, and Aero, a soldier in a space colony called the Second Continuum that’s a military colony. They both must find a way back to Earth.

2. Why do you like writing? When did you first have a love for writing, and how was it formed? jdb-tree-hi-res

I think my love of writing began with my love of reading. I’m a voracious reader and always was as a kid. Writing is almost like reading, except it’s Choose Your Own Adventure. You get to shape the story. I aim to give readers the experience of being transported to another world that I love so much as a reader myself.

3. Who are your favorite authors? Who has affected your writing style? 

I actually thank a lot of them in the acknowledgements of Return of the Continuums! I have so many favorites. This book was very influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien and Jules Vernes’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. And James Cameron’s classic film The Abyss. I’m also love Anne Rice, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, and Clive Barker. As an early reader, I loved Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter Mars books, Tamora Pierce, and Anne McCaffrey’s dragonrider series. I could on and list a thousand books!

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Would Anyone Like to Do a Giveaway Here?

Hi guys! Since the New Year is coming up, I am looking for any authors who would want to do a giveaway here on LILbooKlovers! I am able to do Rafflecopters or other kinds of giveaways!

It would be a great way for both you the author and us the bloggers for more publicity, promotion, etc. The only thing is because I am a teenager, if the item is a book or large item, you will have to send it from your own place. If it’s anything like signed swag or such that you can send in an envelope, I might be able to send it from my house.

I would love to do one with any of you! Please contact me for more details on how to plan it! Thanks!

Merry Christmas, Book Fans!

It’s almost Christmas Day! Whoop whoop!!

What’s your favorite book surrounding Christmas? I have to say one of mine is Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle! This book contains three little romances within this one town. It’s a beautiful read, and I highly encourage it during this lovely month.

What about books that contain snow? Whether it be Holiday snow, mountain snow, or just a winter setting in a book? Hmmm… I have to mention Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. I know, I know, some out there have read this book and hated it, but honestly, I enjoyed it. It was a nice read. I say read it with an open mind, and you might love it too.

What about books that contain magic and miracles? I’ll mention Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley! This is a beauiful story. It gave me a serious Peter Pan vibe, and Peter Pan was a little girl crush for me. A girl who “dies” to a horrible disease but comes back to find herself on a ship sailing through the sky! Magical, beautiful, and just GAH! ❤

What are some books you’ve been wanting on your shelf? My answer? Where do I start?? I seriously want the Chronicles of Narnia on my bookshelf for one. If you’re into fantasy and not too much into romance, this is the perfect series for you. I love romance, but this series was a wonderful read. Worthy of a place on my bookshelf!!

Soon I’ll have an interview with Gretchen McNeil here on our blog! She’s the author of TEN, which is currently being made into a movie. How exciting!!

If You’re Gone, by Brittany Goodwin

It’s almost Christmas time! And for me, school is out! Woo hoo! Hopefully there will be plenty of time to catch up on my TBR list, and to start off my Christmas break, here is a review for Brittany Goodwin’s If You’re Gone.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free signed copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I also received some swag. This will not affect my review in any way.

If You’re Gone tells the story of Lillian White, whose world collapses when her boyfriend Brad Lee vanishes the night of his graduation. She desperately searches for answers that might lead to Brad’s whereabouts, but she stumbles across secrets that change the way she looks at her boyfriend, whether he’s dead or alive. Lillian soon finds herself trapped between the past and the future; she’s not wanting to let go of Brad, but at what cost?

Rating: 10/10 stars

When I finished the last chapter of this book, I went wow. The only word that came out of my mouth at that time was only “wow.” This book is so stunning that it will stay with you for a long time. It captivated me from start to finish, captivated at the start and left satisfied at the end, especially that ending. The ending, without revealing any major spoilers, will shock you. It took me a while to process what was going on, and I never expected it. There’s so many twists and turns that you can’t really predict what will happen next!

You will find yourself walking in Lillian’s shoes as you read the story, which will convey her emotions so well you start feeling them, too. I felt as if I was the only one who actually understood her struggles, her misunderstandings. She was even relatable to me somewhat, and to others probably a lot. Although I don’t know how it feels for someone in your life to “disappear” (and not just in the context of being missing), I found out how it felt, and others will definitely know how Lillian feels. I truly saw her world crumbling apart, yet you felt conflicted whether she should move on or still search for Brad. I had the same outlook on the world as she did, and it was brilliant how the author conveyed it.

The impact of this story is so strong it is like a bullet to the chest. It will definitely get to you. If you don’t feel anything, you might want to get your heart checked (just kidding!). I’ve always wanted to find a quote that will stick with me for a really long time, and usually I don’t find one… but I finally did! I loved it so much that I even bookmarked that page with a handwritten note from Brittany Goodwin herself (which I really really appreciate!). It goes:

We don’t deserve to be hurt by the ones we love.

If you read it, you need to meditate upon it! Here is it again:

We don’t deserve to be hurt by the ones we love.

I know you might be tired of quotes, but it made me stop and think, and that is what a good book needs to have. A good book should make you stop and think. It should make you want to ruminate and ponder upon the text, which is trying to convey what the author is wanting to tell you. In this case, I can relate. It hurts so much when a loved one says something hurtful to me, and we’ve all felt that before. When you can actually relate to the book, whether it is a contemporary romantic mystery or a science fiction thriller, the reader’s attention piques and the reader himself or herself actually becomes one with the book. Brittany Goodwin fulfilled George R. R. Martin’s quote “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” I got to live and ENJOY another one. (And sorry, I used another one!)

In my opinion, the only teensy problem I had with this book was that it was a little too short and fast. I think the action could have been slowed down a bit more and lengthen because at times it felt rushed. There could have been a bit more action, but overall it was amazing. I just wanted more (except that epilogue. I definitely agreed with the editors that it should have been taken out) because it was only 200 pages, but you know what they say, it was short but sweet.

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, I suggest go grabbing a copy of If You’re Gone today! It will definitely be a wonderful book to kick off the New Year!

Recommendation: Go give it a go!







Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

Hi guys! We have been interviewing and awaiting the answers of many authors over the past few weeks, such as the wonderful Jennifer Brody of The Continuum Trilogy, Alan Gratz of Prisoner B-3087, and M. Tara Crowl of Eden of the Lamp. Since we have been getting to know more about our new author friends, we would like to have you get to know us!

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Wow! This book! Don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start off with this first: Merry Christmas!! It’s so close to Christmas, and I have some exciting news! It has been annouced that Gretchen McNeil’s book TEN is being made into a movie! If you haven’t read it, it is a must if you’re into thriller. It’s short and an easy-to-read story! Check it out!

ALSO: She is having a giveaway! If you enjoy her and/or looking for a way to get free books (2 signed copies of TEN to be exact), if you subscribe to her blog, you’ll be eligible to enter her Giveaway. Hurry, though. Giveaway ends December 15th at 12 AM. Go to her site for more information!

Now to the review!


Getting Into It: Eh. 50/50. I honestly loved the slow introduction in the beginning, but others won’t.

New words: Just a few.

Funny: I chuckled here and there

Romance: Sweet as can be!

Moving: For people who can relate to the main character, very much so! To me, I definitely teared up from time to time.

Boring parts: A little bit in the beginning because of the introductions, but it gets way better.

Action: Once in awhile, but absolutely epic

My rating: 9 out of 10.


If you’re into that vintage, creepy stuff, then this is the book for you! If you get the book, you’ll notice all the weird pictures. I know when people saw my book, they immediately asked what it was about. Nothing about two small clowns feeding each other ribbon to really bring out curiosity!

In this book, you meet Jacob, who visits his grandfather’s old home to gather the secrets that his grandfather left behind when he was mysteriously murdered. Later, he finds the Peculiar Children.

Peculiar Children are exactly what they are called: Peculiar. They do things that normal humans can’t. Like levitate, summon fire, pick up heavy objects like they were cotton balls. But I’m not even getting the to weird peculiar children.

The Peculiars are in a time loop to protect them from the monsters that are after them. Every day it’s September 4 (I believe), 1940 right when the Nazi Airforce throws bombs onto their home. Every day is this day. Every night they get to sit and watch the bombs fall from the sky. Before their home is destroyed, though, the time reverses so it ends up being the morning of that same day.

That’s mostly what it’s about! I honestly cannot wait to watch the movie!

I absolutely loved the pictures inside this book. It gave the story a more real feeling to it, because what these pictures are… they’re actual photos. From what I gathered from the author in his notes, the pictures were not made specifically for his story, but rather found. The pictures created the story.

Jacob’s character and the author’s writing style really merge in this story. Jaocb thinks, but there are also parts where Jacob is like, “I look at the box that says “Do not open” and I open it.” Like no reasoning to why he wants to open when it says not to. He just does it, which really makes me understand his character a lot more than if he explained to the readers why he chose to do this action. He lives for the moment. He doesn’t like to think of the consequences. He’s stubborn. I LOVE him.

He’s going through a tough time after his grandfather is murdered. He claims to sees things normal people can’t. He ends up getting a psychiatrist. He ends up moving to a small island to help him grow sane again. As the story progresses, he’s always thinking of his grandfather. His grandfather is the pulley to connect Jacob to the life he’s supposed to live.

The characters are very diverse and lovable. I’m very happy with how it ended  since this is part of a trilogy. I cannot wait to read Hollow City. The title gives me goosebumps.

Give it a try! I really encourage it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to punch some people, but it’s all good.

My main thought throughout this story: I wanna be peculiar too……


Eden’s Wish, by M. Tara Crowl

Hi guys! Kester’s back from the busy clutter of his life, from auditions to projects to school work galore, and now he has (finally) finished a book after a week!

DISCLAIMER: I received a free signed copy of this book and some swag, but this will not affect my review in any way.

Eden’s Wish grants the readers a chance to look into Eden’s life inside the lamp and her escape out of the lamp and into the real world. Finding herself in San Diego with two new friends and a middle school to navigate through, she is thrust into a battle between genies who are power-hungry for control of the lamp and genies who are sworn loyalists to it. Not wanting to return to the lamp but not wanting it to fall in the wrong hands, she now faces a choice whether to protect the lamp she yearned to get out of or the mortals she just befriended and the life she’s about to start. Continue reading “Eden’s Wish, by M. Tara Crowl”