Eden’s Wish, by M. Tara Crowl

Hi guys! Kester’s back from the busy clutter of his life, from auditions to projects to school work galore, and now he has (finally) finished a book after a week!

DISCLAIMER: I received a free signed copy of this book and some swag, but this will not affect my review in any way.

Eden’s Wish grants the readers a chance to look into Eden’s life inside the lamp and her escape out of the lamp and into the real world. Finding herself in San Diego with two new friends and a middle school to navigate through, she is thrust into a battle between genies who are power-hungry for control of the lamp and genies who are sworn loyalists to it. Not wanting to return to the lamp but not wanting it to fall in the wrong hands, she now faces a choice whether to protect the lamp she yearned to get out of or the mortals she just befriended and the life she’s about to start.

Rating: 10/10 stars

As a middle grade book, this surprised me. I did not expect it to be this interesting and action-packed! I was hooked from start to finish! It sucked me in like Eden after she grants three wishes! I truly felt an actual  emotional connection with the protagonist, which many middle grade books lack.

This book had everything. It was packed with humor, suspense, thrill, betrayal, twists, oh my! Except for that cheesy romance, which I’m glad wasn’t squeezed into the storyline. If the story was a cake, it was baked with perfection. A pinch of love and loss here; A teaspoon of disappointments and shocks there. Everything from the base to the top was amazing! I loved how the beginning hooked you and the end made you hungry for more. I really want to continue the second book now!

To know that this is a debut book is appalling since you rarely find the first book of an author to be the best, but many throughout the years have proven to be amazing. This would be one of them! I remembered when I finished The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, I devoured the last pages. I had that exact same feeling at the end. I ate up probably pages minutes. If I also felt like the resolution was amazing, yet I wanted more, I know the book was amazing. It was brilliantly written!

I have nothing, and I mean literally nothing, against this book. I loved it! There wasn’t anything that I wanted to be improved because it is already perfect as it is. There were no annoying characters, no plot twists I wasn’t fond of, no unnecessary details. Everything ties in together! A book with no holes is a great one, and this is one of them. Eden’s Wish will certainly be a book you would want on your wishlist for Christmas this year!

Recommendation: A big, fat yes!!!






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