Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Wow! This book! Don’t know where to begin.

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Now to the review!


Getting Into It: Eh. 50/50. I honestly loved the slow introduction in the beginning, but others won’t.

New words: Just a few.

Funny: I chuckled here and there

Romance: Sweet as can be!

Moving: For people who can relate to the main character, very much so! To me, I definitely teared up from time to time.

Boring parts: A little bit in the beginning because of the introductions, but it gets way better.

Action: Once in awhile, but absolutely epic

My rating: 9 out of 10.


If you’re into that vintage, creepy stuff, then this is the book for you! If you get the book, you’ll notice all the weird pictures. I know when people saw my book, they immediately asked what it was about. Nothing about two small clowns feeding each other ribbon to really bring out curiosity!

In this book, you meet Jacob, who visits his grandfather’s old home to gather the secrets that his grandfather left behind when he was mysteriously murdered. Later, he finds the Peculiar Children.

Peculiar Children are exactly what they are called: Peculiar. They do things that normal humans can’t. Like levitate, summon fire, pick up heavy objects like they were cotton balls. But I’m not even getting the to weird peculiar children.

The Peculiars are in a time loop to protect them from the monsters that are after them. Every day it’s September 4 (I believe), 1940 right when the Nazi Airforce throws bombs onto their home. Every day is this day. Every night they get to sit and watch the bombs fall from the sky. Before their home is destroyed, though, the time reverses so it ends up being the morning of that same day.

That’s mostly what it’s about! I honestly cannot wait to watch the movie!

I absolutely loved the pictures inside this book. It gave the story a more real feeling to it, because what these pictures are… they’re actual photos. From what I gathered from the author in his notes, the pictures were not made specifically for his story, but rather found. The pictures created the story.

Jacob’s character and the author’s writing style really merge in this story. Jaocb thinks, but there are also parts where Jacob is like, “I look at the box that says “Do not open” and I open it.” Like no reasoning to why he wants to open when it says not to. He just does it, which really makes me understand his character a lot more than if he explained to the readers why he chose to do this action. He lives for the moment. He doesn’t like to think of the consequences. He’s stubborn. I LOVE him.

He’s going through a tough time after his grandfather is murdered. He claims to sees things normal people can’t. He ends up getting a psychiatrist. He ends up moving to a small island to help him grow sane again. As the story progresses, he’s always thinking of his grandfather. His grandfather is the pulley to connect Jacob to the life he’s supposed to live.

The characters are very diverse and lovable. I’m very happy with how it ended  since this is part of a trilogy. I cannot wait to read Hollow City. The title gives me goosebumps.

Give it a try! I really encourage it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to punch some people, but it’s all good.

My main thought throughout this story: I wanna be peculiar too……



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