Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

Hi guys! We have been interviewing and awaiting the answers of many authors over the past few weeks, such as the wonderful Jennifer Brody of The Continuum Trilogy, Alan Gratz of Prisoner B-3087, and M. Tara Crowl of Eden of the Lamp. Since we have been getting to know more about our new author friends, we would like to have you get to know us!

We would love it if you would ask your questions in the comments section below! Please also state who it is directed to, and we will answer individually! If you can share this with your friends, family, fellow authors, reader friends, and almost everyone you know, that would be awesome! If you’re an author, ask us about our review process! If you’re a reader, ask us about recommendations! You can ask us almost anything about ourselves and our hobbies (just nothing too deep or personal). Fire away!




2 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

  1. Hello, wonderful of you to ask. I was delighted to see that you posted reviews of my books on Goodreads. I’m not there often so it was a pleasant surprise. Now I’m wondering, do you post your reviews on other platforms such as instagram. Again because I’m not there, it helps to know that we’re getting this promotion. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


    1. Hi Alex! Kester here. For me, I post all ratings and reviews on Goodreads and here on our blog. I don’t post much on my Instagram because it is a personal account, and my audience is mostly friends who aren’t big readers. Our new Facebook page does share all our posts, too! We do have a Twitter account that I control, but it’s only really small, so if you could share it, we would appreciate it! It’s @lilbooklovers on Twitter! A Bookstagram is also a big possibility, too, so look out for that! Thank you so much, and we might do Throwback Thursdays to promote our favorite books! Merry Christmas!


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