Upcoming Changes for the New Year

Greetings everybody! We would like to announce the upcoming changes that will take place in LILbooKlovers for the New 2017 Year!

One thing I would like to point out to all our new readers and viewers is that most of the posts will be written by Kester, who is the main book blogger and reviewer, but we will say who wrote the post on each one. Cayli also reviews and posts once in a while. You can actually tell who’s writing the post based off of our writing styles. Can you guess who’s writing this? If you need some help, compare the two links below, the top written by Kester and the bottom written by Cayli.

Kester’s Writing Style

Cayli’s Writing Style

Comment below who you think wrote this blog post!

Sadly, we have to announce that one of our own is leaving once the New Year rolls in. Lilly has to leave because she hasn’t been able to contribute a lot because of her busy schedule. She said, “It was a really neat experience, and I’m glad I was a part of it. I wish it best! May it continue to grow and you earn all the success in the world!” We will definitely miss you, Lilly!

Fortunately, we are getting another avid reader to fill in her spot… but we will announce it in the upcoming year. Watch out in the upcoming days for who’s going to be the newest addition for the LilBookLovers team!

We also have revamped our site a bit. We just added links on the sidebar to our newest Facebook page and our Twitter account! Please like and follow both of them, for they will have some exclusive content not found here!

We will also be updating our pages. Our review guidelines will be updated according to our previous post and new FTC guidelines, like for example, we are going to state that we do not gain any money from this blog whatsoever, and that we are not paid in any form or fashion, and the only things we get in return for our reviews or other posts are just free books and swag. That’s it, but we will mention which books we received free items from. We also will create a new giveaway policy page on our site for all future giveaways.

One author has just sent in his answers for an interview that will be posted as the first LilBookLovers interview of 2017! We are keeping his identity a secret on our blog, but if you can search our Twitter or Facebook pages, you might find out who is our mystery author.

We will also be accepting now blog tours, so please share will your fellow author friends that we would love to be a tour stop! We are a part of two tour stops held by Month9Books, and they will include two exclusive interviews. I don’t know if I can reveal which tours I am a part of… but if you can check my Twitter, you might be able to find out who I am interviewing. Go pre-order their books now!

There will also be some giveaways with some fabulous prizes! There will be bookish swag, signed paperbacks, and electronic copies at stake in the upcoming month! Watch out for them! They will only last a week, but there will be many chances in the Rafflecopters to win! Be on the watch to win some amazing books!

Lastly, we are going to need your help with sharing this blog! Please share with all your author, writer, reader, or non-reader friends this site! We have learned a lot over the past year about blogging, and 2017 will bring about an even better LILbooKlovers, but we need your help spreading our love of books to as many people as possible! It would be highly appreciated!

This is probably going to be our last post of 2016, especially since Kester is planning to take a little break from blogging and reading to finish up some things before Christmas break is over. But don’t worry! We will continue to blog after New Year’s Day!

Thank you to all the readers who have read our blog, all the subscribers who have followed our blog, all the authors who have sent in books for review, and everyone else who has been a part of this! LILbooKlovers couldn’t have done all this without you! Thank you! May you all have a great New Year, and may God bless you!



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