Happy New Year! (Introducing the Team!)

Happy New Year everybody! Can you believe it’s finally 2017? I still cannot! Our team from LilbooKlovers would like to wish you all a blessed year! May it be filled it tons of books and writing and whatnot.

So we’ve gained so many followers over the past few weeks that we would like to introduce ourselves! How would you know who you’re reading? How would you know if we are the right reviewers for you? How would you know whether I am left or right handed (right, by the way)? Of course, you have the bio links above, but this post will! We will also introduce our newest blogger.

That was actually me days ago on New Year’s Eve Eve in Nashville, TN.


Firstly, me… My name is Kester, and I am a sophomore at Henry County High School. Yes, I am a MALE book blogger, a rare sight in today’s blogosphere. And yes, a MALE who loves to read, a rare sight in today’s society.. and my school… and everywhere else. I was the co-founder of LilbooKlovers, and I am the head blogger here. I also head the Twitter and Facebook pages. When I’m not reading or blogging, I’m found either praying, editing videos, playing the violin, singing, or surfing the web or my social media pages (Instagram & Twitter- @the_kesdawg, Snapchat – kesman17). I also would love to make as many reader, book blogger, and author friends as possible, so contact me at my email in the contact page!

I can act quite goofy at times!



Favorite Genres

  • Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction (especially World War II)
  • Humor
  • Comedian Memoirs
  • Catholic spiritual and apologetic books
  • Dystopian

Favorite Books

  • The Bible
  • Confidence in God, Words of Encouragement, by Rev. Daniel J. Considine
  • Between Shades of Gray, by Ruta Sepetys
  • The 13th Continuum, by Jennifer Brody
  • The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
  • All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven

Favorite Authors

  • Ruta Sepetys
  • Jennifer Brody
  • Janet Evanovich
  • J. K. Rowling
  • John Green
  • Jennifer DiGiovanni

Next, we have Cayli! She is one of my classmates, too. She says, “I love art in all shapes and form. Books. Painting. Sketches. Movies. Photography. Architecture. I love it all! When I am not reading, I am writing in my journal or painting away in my tiny art room.”img_6539 Her favorites include:

Favorite Genres

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult

Favorite Books

  • Clockwork Princess (Book Three) by Cassandra Clare
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • Reboot by Amy Tintera
  • The 5th Wave (Book One to The 5th Wave trilogy) by Rick Yancey
  • Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Favorite Authors

  • Cassandra Clare!!
  • Rick Riordan
  • Jennifer Niven
  • Rick Yancey
  • C.S. Lewis

Now that you got to know us two, give a warm welcome to our newest addition to our team, Kelsey! Woo hoo! She says, “Hiya! I’m so glad to be a part of the team. I’m a very avid reader so I’ll try to post as often as I can. When I don’t post I’ll be reading books to review.” Kelsey also loves to watch Netflix, sleep , and of course read! She is also our classmate at our school! Her favorites include:E.D. 100%

Favorite Genres:

  • Young Adult Romance
  • Mystery
  • Poetry
Favorite Books:
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  • Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
  • Ten by Gretchen McNeil
  • Stolen by Lucy Christopher img_6540
Favorite Authors:
  • Jennifer Niven
  • Nicola Yoon
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Laurie Halse Anderson

So that’s the new team for LILbooKlovers! We are excited to work with y’all! Have a happy New Year everybody, and look out for an exclusive interview with an amazing author who has written many middle grade and young adult book later this week! Please, remember to share this post with all your friends! We need all the support we can get!





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