Review: The Age of Corruption, by Melanie Ifield

Hey guys! School has just started for the crew here at LilbooKlovers, and to kickoff the new year and our final semester of our sophomore years, I would like to share my newest review on The Age of Corruption, by Melanie Ifield.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic of this book from the author herself in exchange for an honest review. In no way will this affect my review and rating of this book.

Rating: 8/10 stars

The Age of Corruption follows Fiona Page, a 29 year old woman who is used to partying and drunkenness, when all of a sudden she meets her newest neighbor Jonelle Brakin, a woman who is more than meets the eyes. Fiona is soon thrust into a world full of fighting criminals and murderers and falling in love with gang members, all while solving an unsolved murder mystery. Soon, she finds herself deciding whether she wants to leave behind Jonelle and a friendship she just made or fight Jonelle’s old enemies and wind down a road of violence and corruption.

I’m pretty neutral about this book. There were many things about this book I like, but there were some characteristics that I could not stand as much. Rather than savoring and enjoying it, I felt as if reading this book became more of a chore at times rather than a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice book, but there were many things that could have been improved in my opinion. Just to let you know, it took me almost six months to read this. I’ve set this down for a while, picked it back up, restarted it, and everything.

At the beginning, my interest was piqued. I found myself laughing at times and having questions, in the good way, about the characters, especially Jonelle. She is probably my favorite character. She’s so unpredictable yet mysterious, and it is really hard to describe her. I was fascinated by her character, especially at the beginning. There were so many sides to her: crime-fighting Jonelle, art-stealing Jonelle, caring-sibling Jonelle, Jonelle-to-the-rescue Jonelle. I loved how the author both made her really round and dynamic.

When you start your book journey with this novel, there will be a lot of things thrown at you, and I mean that in a good way. There’s thrilling action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, adventure that will take you all around Australia, humor that will make you laugh out loud, mystery that will keep you guessing, and plot twists and surprises that you will never guess. If you have read some of my past reviews, you know that I LOVE PLOT TWISTS AND SURPRISES AND ANYTHING UNEXPECTED!!! I love to go “What???” (but not too much). This book has a lot in store for you. Things will happen when you least expect it, I guarantee it!

I think my biggest problem with this book is length. Books to me have to be a “right” size. I can’t read books that are over 600 pages long because I don’t like spending too much time with it. And that’s how I felt as I continued this book- I just wanted to finish it. When reading a book, you should either feel resolved, which is what the book did, or you should be wanting more. You shouldn’t, however, want to end a book. There have been books and movies that have been so well-written that I asked “It’s already over?” and other books and movies that I said “Finally, it’s over.” As my mom always says, “It’s better to do something short but you enjoyed it rather than something long and you wanted it to end.” That same quote (which is not exactly what she said but similar) applies to books in my opinion. I’d rather have short and sweet than long and starting to lose my interest.

What is a side effect of long books is the interweaving of too many subplots. There were so many characters, mini-conflicts, and subplots that I forgot who’s who and what is going on here. I saw some things that could have been removed to keep the story concise. Whenever books start to intertwine too many miniplots, the readers get confused. If it weren’t for the Search thing where you can find a name fast, I would have forgotten at least a few characters. I like the story to be straight to the point and starting with the action. Those are two things I like to find in books, but in this book, it was hard to discern when the exposition ended and climax started. There were also many details that got confusing for me, and I’m still left with a few plot questions at the end of reading it. A few holes and loose ends were found in this story, but overall it was a nice one.

I had a nice adventure reading this book. Did I want it to end sometimes? Yes. Was I fascinated at times? Yes. There were things that I both loved and didn’t like, but does that it was a bad book? No. It was enjoyable. A bad book is one I get disgusted when reading. Did that happen to me while reading this one? No (except whenever I’m about to come to one of those rated-R scenes that I skip). With some work on some details, I think this will be a great read to pick up.

Recommendation: It wouldn’t be my first recommendation, but try it out!


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