Catch the Sparks Within! By Alex Abaz

Catch the Spark Within: Transform a mere existence into a joy-filled authentic life! 

I want to start something different with this book. To me, it’s not just a book… it’s more of a journey. Each day, I read one chapter, because it feels better to do so. It’s not about getting a book done within the smallest number of days; it’s about the aesthetic experience. About getting something out of what you’re reading. Enjoying what’s in front of you. 

I got to chapter six (sadly, there were days I had to skip because I got home too late or I was way too busy…) before I began to wonder how I would review this unique book. Then I decided that I would do the same thing I am doing to read it: I will review it weekly. I am willing to do the first chapter today, and every week, two-three chapters all in one. That would let me read at least three chapters each week to review! They probably won’t be as long as the review for chapter one though. I will try to keep them short and simple.

Each chapter will be about a different topic. I will start the review of chapter one below: “Unlocking the Fullness of Life.” 

Disclaimer: I have gotten a free ebook from the author, but this does not change my review in any way. 

Thank you, Alex Abaz, for letting me review this book. Hopefully, this will work out the way I want it to! I was excited to read this the moment I read the first chapter.

“Unlocking the Fullness of Life” is an excellent start. It starts off with the question, “What is the secret to happiness?” And in just a few paragraphs, it gives me motivation. I knew right then that this was the book I needed to start off my year (and my Bible, of course). 

This chapter shows me that the key to peace is to take life not as a rollercoaster. “Often times we lose ourselves. That happens when we’re moving too fast or when we avoid being who we are.” I made a connection through this statement. I have had the mind set of one who likes to get it done and over with. I had no idea this was some of the reason I felt dull and incomplete. For the longest time, I never could grasp the source of my loss of energy and awful attitude. This chapter also talks about how gratitude greatly influences us. If we stay, laying in the puddle of our own sorrows, where will we be? Taking in those little moments, those big moments, those everyday moments, those occasional moments will help us all to gain the habit of thinking about how important it is to be grateful. We will be filled with joy and transquility. 

Since reading this, I have tried to find the positives in life. I try to live life slower and regain peace with myself. I can say that it does work. I pray every night about the blessings in my life. I try every day to get better. I fail a lot, but I try. I try everyday to “find myself.”
Life isn’t about finishing the race. It’s about journey. In the chapter, Alex says: “Life is a live performance. We have to be awake so we don’t miss any of it.” He also mentions “sleepwalking.” Are you sleepwalking in your life? Are you “looking” or “seeing”? I love how Alex phrased all of this. In life, we have to particpate in order to get what life has to offer. We all want respect. We all want confidence. We all want to feel alive. Alex reminded me that to get all of these things, it’s time to settle back down into my body and get going. Time to enjoythis performance before it is over. 

“Life is a gift not to be squandered.” We can’t afford to stand around. Life is always moving, always turning this and that. We have to choose. We have to experience before we regret. 

“Live, Laugh, and Just be.” Something so simple (something I want on a T-shirt) is so inspiring. Live in the moments. Laugh through the moments. Just be. 

I really loved this first chapter. It was something I totally worked on. I count my blessings and I work on not wasting my time on things that do not matter. Thank you, Alex! I hope this first review was okay, and next week I will be back with chapter two! 

5 thoughts on “Catch the Sparks Within! By Alex Abaz

  1. Thank you so much Cayli for your wonderful review of my book. It blew me away! I am so thankful to you for what you said and how you said – with honesty and clarity. Like I said in my post on Facebook, I wasn’t sure that the younger crowd would be interested in reading this type of book but you have shown me otherwise. I mentioned to Kester Nucum this am, when he told me about the format you would be using, how you’ve motivated me to finish the accompanying journal that I had planned for this book. It’s been 90% complete for a while but I wasn’t sure if there was a need to rush it LOL. Now I will. I hope subsequent chapters will be rewarding. They’re shorter as I usually say what I need to say quickly and move on LOL Have a splendid day!

    p.s. I posted the entire review on my new website for Authors Around The World to read!


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