Catch the Sprks Within! By Alex Abaz – Chapter Two and Three

As promised, I am back with the next two chapters of Catch the Sparks Within. Since this review will be covering two chapters instead of one, I won’t be covering all the amazing content.

Disclaimer: I have gotten a free ebook from the author, but this does not change my review in any way. 

Chapter Two: Friends are Essential

In this chapter, the truth behind friendship and words come into play.

Some of us out there (me included) have a tough time making friends. It was never my strong suit. I remember back in elementary school up until the last of middle school I went through a lot when it came to making friends. In Elementary, everyone turned their head away from me. In middle school, the special group of friends I had come to love were busy making others friends, leaving me feeling bitter and forgotten.

The first paragraph in this chapter kind of made me think back to those days. Even now. Abaz goes on talking about how friendship is based on trust and that for some of us, it is hard to show who we really are. In some ways, I could see myself as this type of person. How many of you could see yourself also? “It takes courage to be who we are.”

Are you afraid of who you are? Are you afraid other people wouldn’t accept you because of who you are? You’ve probably seen what it’s like when people don’t accept someone; you might’ve experienced it first-hand. It really does take courage to reveal yourself to others.

What else stood out to me was the whole thing about the meaning behind words. Abaz backs up her claim with a movie example, A Thousand Words. Long story short, the guy Jack ends up not being able to talk, because every time he does, it’s one step closer to him dying. What ends up happening is that his relationships begin to fade away. What he used to have, he can’t maintain any longer.

Words are nothing without meaning… choose them wisely. “It’s quite amazing how many useless words one can speak,”she quotes the character Dr. Sinja from the movie.

Jack’s wife ends up leaving him, and he learns that he wasn’t showing her that he loved her. Yes, he would say, “I love you.” But… those words were a waste if he couldn’t back up those words with his actions. He had to word harder to show his wife that he loved her. Tell her something that was truthful and living.

Which points back to friendship. Don’t just say you love them, show them. Trust them, and have them trust you. Don’t betray that trust. Actions. Words. They go hand in hand.

I agree with Alex on all of what she said. She is a-maz-ing. Seriously love her writing style, and the fact she helps me list some movies I REALLY need to watch for myself.

Chapter Three: It is Brave to Go After Your Dreams

Wow. Looking at this chapter, I have a lot of things underlined and marked on the first page. I just relate to this chapter a lot, because I worry every day about my future and where I will end up.

Mainly what stuck out to me: “Life’s too short, gotta live it long” which is what she quoted from Chris Rene’s song Hey Young Homie. 

If not now, then when? 

Life is too short. If you think about it, our life is the aglet of a shoelace. Our eternity is the actually shoelace, except it goes on forever and ever. By that doesn’t mean this life is meaningless compared to the other part of the lace. We must have meaning in this life, or we’ll all die regretting every single second we spent not pursuing our dreams.

Then Abaz goes on to to talk about the Wizard of Oz. Dorthy must set out onto the yellow brick road in order to get to her dream. A lot of us can related to her when she says she wants her dream to come true, but a lot of us won’t actually start walking that yellow brick road. “We wait for a miracle,” Abaz writes. I am one who waits for a miracle. At the beginning of 2017, I began a resolution: Follow more of my dream and grow closer to God while I do so. I hate waiting around now. I can’t stand it. I want to risk so I know at least that I tried, but it sure is hard.

I want to join the Volleyball team, but I know nothing about Volleyball and I’m about to become a Junior. I’m going to look pretty out of place.

I want others to view my work, but I don’t want to lose hope if people criticize it negatively.

I want to express myself to other (like in Chapter Two), but the thought of being regretted haunts the back of mine.

Think about what you want to do, but are afraid to. If I let these fears consume me, I have accomplished nothing. If I try, I have the ability to say that I tried.

This next paragraph really got to me: Finding the purpose in our lives. “Happiness is not the pursuit of pleasure. It’s the pursuit of necessariness…” Abaz quotes Arianna Huffington. Abaz explains that we all want and need to discover the purpose in our lives. Why am I here? We are desperate to find ourselves so we can start to feel complete.

“When I was young I had dreams of becoming this and that. My vision was a blurred outline which lacked specificity…” I have the same problem, Alex. Throughout middle school and my freshman year, I struggled to find something I dearly loved to do. I know this is a little off, but I did (still do) where I will be after graduation. I wanted to feel secure in the fact that I had a great future. In middle school, I was scared that I would never find my purpose. I just wanted to “be someone,” like Alex says. I’m in this world, why can’t I be a part of it?

This chapter really had me thinking. I love thinking about my future in term of I actually think I understand. It makes me smile. This chapter really and truly made me smile. So many sentenced I wanted to highlight and mark, but I settled for the ones I would try and use in my review. Thank you, Alex. You really do help guide me towards a positive mind.

End of review.

Wow. I didn’t get to cover all of both chapters like I wanted to, but I honestly do not think a ten thousand word review would cut it. Next week, I’ll have the reviews for Chapter Four and Five up!


2 thoughts on “Catch the Sprks Within! By Alex Abaz – Chapter Two and Three

  1. Thank you Cayli for your insightful review. You have made writing this book a big success story for me. I look forward to reading your interpretation of what I wrote in each chapter. Your words speak to me and I am grateful to you. I never thought a younger person would consider what I wrote with such depth and you showed me otherwise. We never stop learning and we all have fears and doubts. For example, I wasn’t sure if using script lines from movies would work to illustrate my concepts. I do believe that the more we put ourselves out there and experience positive and negative feedback, the less we care about what others have to say about us. After all what they think and say is all about them. We have to work at becoming comfortable in our own skin LOL


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