Detour, by Devorah Fox

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written a review, so I’ve gotten this one together! So let’s get this review of Detour, by Devorah Fox, on the road! (Warning, there will be trucking puns!)

DISCLAIMER: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author herself in exchange for an honest review. In no way will this affect my review. I have also asked the author to publicize our blog. This is outside of the trade agreement.

Detour is a trucking thriller, following the story of Archie Harlanson, who is doing everything he can to impress his girlfriend Debbie’s parents, who are orthodox Jews, which Archie is unfamiliar with. Trying to help out as much as he can with an upcoming birth and circumcision ritual, he finds out that the President will travel to the town he is currently staying in. Soon he finds himself entangled with a secret plot to ruin the President’s career, but he finds himself juggling saving the President and saving his relationship.

Rating: 10/10 stars

Firstly, the author did a well job on the research regarding the factual information on this book. I actually learned quite a bit on Jewish customs and traditions, and the author’s knowledge of that truly added to the authenticity of the Stenowitzes. Also, there was so much trucking information that made Archie’s character a true trucker, one that I could ask a question and he would answer very intellectually. Even the places and the dates regarding the Bill Clinton visit to Hyde Park was in fact true! Devorah Fox surely did a great job of making sure the story had the right information, which made me learn a great deal about trucking and Jewish traditions and upstate New York and made the informational bits of the novel truly genuine. Unlike The DaVinci Code, which held a ton of errors about history, the Catholic Church, Christianity, paintings, architecture, and a whole lot of other things, Detour truly felt like it was fact-checked a few times and made sure everything was actually true.

Secondly, I loved Archie. I actually could relate to Archie in so many ways! He’s someone I could have a conversation with for a few hours while we eat at the diner in Hyde Park. I love relatable characters. You could feel an actual connection to that character, and that adds on to the reading experience! Archie was just an ordinary trucker, a guy who’s smart yet very humble, a man that everyone likes. I really loved his character!!! He’s such a round character who continues to change both himself and those around him through doing good. And you could feel the same struggles he had when he wanted to impress Debbie’s parents. I know I haven’t yet been at that point with a girl… but I think if when I do, I think I could make our meeting fruitful. But for those who have been at that point, you can relate to how Archie feels. Characters you can relate to will also make the book journey even better!

Thirdly, the plot was excellent. It truly was a thriller. The second half of the book was so great that I couldn’t put it down! You know what I thought after I finished it? What a great way to end off the year. This was the last book of 2016! And it did not disappoint! I felt all sorts of emotions going through the book: happiness at the end, disappointment in the middle, shock and surprise at the climax. You better fasten your seatbelts, because you are in for a ride! (Get it? Haha. This book is about a trucker. You should be laughing by now!)

I did not find anything- and I mean anything- that I have against this book. I loved everything about it! There were barely any details that I could criticize. It truly was a great way to end off 2016. I mean it! I even tweeted about it! You’re going to really like this book! Exclamation point. Period.

Recommendation: Get on trucking! (Ok, I’ll stop with the truck puns.)

I better get out of your “highway” then. Fine, I stop starting now.

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