Catch the Spark Within! By Alex Abaz Chapters 4 and 5!

I have recieved a free copy of this book, but it will not influence my review in any way.Hello, book lovers! I want to apolgize for my late-ness. Tuesday was a very busy day with volleyball practice. I passed out as soon as I got home. But as promised, I will give you my review over the next two chapters.

UPDATE: I am SOOOOOO sorry. There was an error when I posted this Wednesday, and I did not realize it until today. Very sorry for the wait! 

Chapter Four: Flexibility is an elastic fiber that stretches life

Now this chapter was interesting to me. I really love the word flexible. It reminds me of one of those bendy pencils elementary school teachers give you for being good. 

While I consider myself to be flexible at some moments in my life, I do say there are some things I just cannot fathom changing to do. Becoming an adult where I have to manage my money and get a job and pay for my own electric bills? It may be easy as a teen with a parent helping me out, but one day I will not havethat privilege anymore. Changing to fit my life scares me. I want the stay the same, because I love the easiness of it.

I absolutely hate things being the same all the time. I love my bed, I love it more than anything, but after a week of Christmas vacation doing nothing, I start to go a little crazy. I hate it when I see something routinely done in my personality. I hate for things to be uniform. I love excitement and energy. (This is reason I adore fantasy reads. They give you so much more to look at.) Abaz tells her readers that we need to be able to transform when things are switched up on us. If we are too busy getting depressed that our lives are being changed in a way we cannot keep up, we will lose sight of what is important. Even though I love change, there are some situations I find myself in that give me the worst anxiety.

I’ll share this with you, because it is something that happened recently. I hate public speaking. I hate it so much. I stutter and figdet and lose my mind. If I think about what I want to say too much, I lose it altogether. I’ve never prayed out loud for a group before. Sure, I’ve been in a prayer circle and I contributed to it with a couple words, but I have never actually prayed individually for a group. Not too long ago, I was called on to take the group into prayer. Instantly, my anxious shot up to Mount Everst. I muttered, “No. No. You seriously do NOT want to call on me.” But then they all bowed their heads and I tried to think of something to say. “Uh… uh… Thank y-you for t-this d-day and I, uh…” I know how to pray. I pray every night. I pray in a tough situation, I pray in a good situation. I have a relationship with God. But every ounce of my knowledge from the lesson, every piece of love I have for God, was overrun with the thought that I could not do it. It nagged me. I was “stiff.” I couldn’t do it because it wasn’t something I could easily adapt to doing. I didn’t “enjoy the journey” because I could not “settle down and accept” the fact I could do it if I just relaxed. I was not being flexible.

Long story short, I did not even finish the pray. I went home thinking how easy it could have been if I just would’ve taken it with a little bit more ease.

Before I read this, all I thought about was getting the day over it. Check this date off so that now I am day closer to graduation. I don’t stop and take the time to see the “challenge” set before me to take it as an “opportunity.” I am going to be completely honest with you. This was a wake-up call. This chapter talks about opening up your eyes to what is laid out in front of you. I tried to open my eyes up to reality. Why am I even in school? What will I do after school? It blew up on me. The day I realized I had no idea how I was going to get into college caused me to march right up to the guidance counselor to ask her a billion questions. Opening up my eyes, it showed me everything that I was missing: the beauty in God’s creations and His doors opening up for me to step through.

Chapter Five: Serendipity is what happens when you stray off the beaten path

Destiny. When I think of that word, I think of knights in shining armor who are destined to save the world. But if I bring myself into the situation, I think of the life God has set before me. What I am called to do in life.

At first, I had no idea what serenditpity even meant, so I was a bit confused. But then Abaz define it as “finding a jewel of something when you’re not expecting it. That something may be an opportunity, a guide, a friend, cash, joy, or anything else that you weren’t seeking but will make your life easier or better.” 

Mostly all of us go through something diffifult in our lives. Big or small, we have our moments of confusion, anger, depression… but then little things come at us that make us smile and help us keep going. Did we ever expect these small deeds? Probably not. But they sure are accepted.

We don’t expect good things to come out of stuff we don’t know anything about. We have to take risks. We have to get off this set course that we think is the best path, but in reality, it does not help you. It only weakens your spirit. We need to explore different areas that are available. They may not seem like much from far away, but once you start towards it, you may just see the beauty in it. In the end, the serendipity given you to just may change your mind. Those wonderful gifts help shape your “fate” for the better. 

I am going to Ecuador this summer for missionary work. Only my friend and I are going plus some adults to help spread the Word. At first thought, one thinks, “Helping people! Yes!” But then you get it laid down on you: bad service. No WiFi. Need a bathroom? I think there’s a ditch somewhere. And you instantly began to think, “Oh no. I won’t be able to survive.” I’ve thought it. I know others have thought it. While my other peers backed out of it (possibly for that readon, I don’t know), I am still going, because I believe in serendipity. I believe good comes out of every situation. So I will go. And I will love on everyone there.

Take that different road. See how you like it. Spend time in the good things it has to offer. FIGHT for what you think is the best way. Do not be stubborn or afraid to tread onto new paths.

Thank you, Alex Aaz for two more wonderful chapters. You really open up my eyes. I think there you are part of the reason I tried out for volleyball. I’ve always wanted to play, but was too afraid to join. Now I have gone to my first meeting. Hopefully, I will continue to enjoy it! 

One thought on “Catch the Spark Within! By Alex Abaz Chapters 4 and 5!

  1. Thank you Cayli for another wonderful review. I so look forward to your take on what I’ve written and enjoy hearing about how you apply it each day. I think that one reason why most of us don’t like change or find it difficult to ‘show up and speak up’ is because we are tied to the outcome too much. Without knowing if something will work out or not, we get anxious and want to avoid stepping forward. Who’s keeping score? I have failed as many times as I have succeeded in life and while winning feels better for a while, failure teaches us so much more. In the end it doesn’t matter how well we do along the way. What matters is who we loved and did we try. Your trip sounds amazing and I know you will get so much from it!


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