Made for Me, by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Hi guys! Man, I need to really catch up on reviews! I’m reading more than I could write! I have two more to write after this, so I got to do some more writing! Do you think this book was “made for me?” Ha. Get it? No laughs? Tough crowd.

DISCLAIMER: I have received a free electronic copy of this book from the author herself in exchange for an honest review. In no way will this affect my review.

Made for Me outlines the unique love story of Abrielle, a woman in looking of the perfect guy, and Sampson, a guy looking for love. After being paired with each other on a dating website, they instantly fall in love, but Sampson holds a secret that he has been concealing for many years. Concealing this secret for Abrielle means that they will have to go against society’s norms and rules, but she asks herself if it’s all worth it for the love of her life.

Rating: 8/10 stars

This review is going to be written a little differently than a normal review because I have two different feelings for the beginning half of this book and the ending half of this book. As I started this book, there were some things that bugged me as I read on, but once it reached the midpoint, I started to love it! That’s why this review is different from all the others. It’s still going to have 2-4 paragraphs depending on how much I want to write, but in a different order!

The novella didn’t start off strongly in my opinion. Yes, I was hooked from the beginning, but there’s two things that bugged me. First was the writing style. At some points it felt basic, as in that it was more of telling than showing. That’s actually something I learned in a creative writing class I took: show, not tell. The start did a lot of telling, and it made the events so concise that I was like “I need more description.” Although this is a novella, it could have been lengthened into a short novel (longer than a novella), which would have made more showing.

The other thing was the dual-POV at the beginning. It did not work at some points. Especially in parts where Abrielle and Sampson were together. Because the author didn’t expand or tapped into their emotions, it could’ve gone either ways for me. It did not matter at some points who was telling the story- I forget who the narrator was. A POV should either bring about different perspectives of the same event or focus on something where other characters are not present. Jennifer Brody’s The Continuum Trilogy does an amazing job with this. She uses the characters to show the entire story from everyone’s point of view. At the beginning of Made for Me, it felt like as if a third-person omniscient narrator could have narrated the story.

Now, the ending- oh it was great! I was in the dentist’s office when I read this, and I was about to cry. I think the author did a great job tapping into Norrie’s POV (I’m not going to spoil who she is). She definitely turned something that seemed so simple, like a regular romance, into a book that touches on a serious topic: death. The mentioning of how death will affect a family definitely tugged at my heartstrings and almost made me cry! Good stories will definitely make you feel the same feelings as the characters at times.

Although the plot seemed basic at times, the setting and backstory- as in what was going on in the world around them- fascinated me. The author hinted at what happened during the future where Sampson and Abrielle lived in, yet I was so obsessed with it. What was going on? What exactly is this society? What happened during these time skips? I WANT TO KNOW!!! I love how dystopians make you so interested in how society “devolved” or “evolved” into the setting of the story.

If the author could just lengthen this novel and add maybe another subplot, more backstory, etc. probably this book will be a 9 or even a 10! But because it didn’t start off so strong, but ended greatly, I would rate it a 4/5 on Goodreads, so a 8 out of 10. I liked this book, and the ending made me love it, but from a technical standpoint, there was some room for improvement.

Recommendation: Sure! Maybe this novella was “made for you,” get it?

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