Catch the Spark Within! Chapters Eight and Nine by Alex Abaz!

I have been given a free book in exchange for a review. This does not effect my review in any way.

Chapter Eight: Generosity is Giving of Yourself and of Your Best
In this chapter, Abaz defines the true meaning of generosity and how people tend to misuse it.

We all know those people who do kind things for other people just for the reputation and the attention they get for what they did. It’s a common theme in stories. A person is seen helping others, but by the end of the story, they are revealed as selfish and greedy. Only in it for the money and the publicity. 

Generosity is not defined as a way to “get rid of our clutter.” If you have an old shirt that you hate wearing, and have it shipped off to Goodwill, it really isn’t being generous; you’re just helping out your closet space. 

“I believe that real generosity calls for a sacrifice.” Give up something you would rather keep to help another person out. In this chapter, Abaz makes good examples of types of generous actions: 

“Giving your sister your favorite skirt is hard; giving cash thins out your wallet; volunteering at a soup kitchen steals your time; babysitting your friend’s children on your day off restricts your schedule.”

Generosity isn’t hard to reach. It’s the little things in life that bind us together. Small things have a big difference.

Generosity could even mean not doing something. We’ve all had those fights with friends and family. We’ve all had to go back and forth until someone won. In this world today, no one ever lets someone else have the last say. No one really cares what you think personally unless they believe it too. It’s hard, I know. I struggle expressing my beliefs and being shut down for it. If you find yourself being this person, stop for a second. “The most generous act is to listen patiently without argument or judgement.” Listen to someone say their side to the story, let them be heard for what they’ve experienced. Even if you still think they are wrong in the end, at least you were generous enough to let them have their say.
Chapter Nine: Entrepreneurship is a Wondeful Way to Capitalize on your Skill Set

A business starts with an idea; an idea that grows with the patience and the motivation. Business such as Apple or Nike started with an idea that could benefit people while also giving them money. 
From afar, it seems that owning a business is the easiest thing in the world. You go to college, become smart, create an idea for the world to sing upon, and boom! Money. After all your minions build your temple, pasting your name on checks, copying your logos for advertisements, maybe even a statue for your achievement in waterproof underwear, you get to sit back and watch the view from your hot tub sprinkled in rose petals.

This isn’t Ancient Egypt. Don’t for a second think that being the owner of a business means you can skip the stress wrinkles. Owning a business means you have to maintain that business.

Abaz makes a similar introduction in this chapter, simply saying that owning a business is hard work. While you own the business, the clients own you. No clients, no business. You left in the awkward middle, trying to keep both sides from falling off your shoulders.

Where is this all leading into? Well, there is a reason people become entrepreneurs… no, it’s not for the money. It’s the satisfaction. Your idea that was once a part of your dreams becomes a reality before your very eyes. This dream of waterproof underwear was too good to be true, yet you went ahead and tried. You tried. It’s a big deal to try.

See, this person over here has a way cooler idea. Maybe their idea of undergarments was.. (at this point I have no idea what I’m making up here) a waterproof suit that went under your clothes and made you more flexible. I would love to do a nice toe touch. But I can’t, because the person never went along with the idea. Guess I gotta go with the waterproof garments. 

But you see, your business is doing pretty well. No one has come along to top it. 

If you have an idea, work on it. Work, work, work. Never stop until that dream has been made into reality. Never know when someone might want to a waterproof flexi-suit.

Okay, I’ll quit referencing the undergarments.

But the bottom line is, you can be so right. You may not have control over how the world will react to your idea, but there is a possibility people may love your idea. Your idea may work. But it will never work until you actually try. “Even if you don’t really have control, you feel you do. It’s better to try and fail than to not have tried at all. At least you know what was possible.”


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