Catch the Spark Within! – Chapters 10 and 11 by Alex Abaz

I have recieved a free book in exchange for a review. This does not affect my review in any way.

Chapter Ten: The Sound of Silence can be Deafening, Especially When You are Not Alone.

In this chapter, Abaz explains how silence can be deafening or it can helpful.

Silence… Being in a room full of people, silence seems “awkward.” Being with yourself, the noise of our minds fills in the absence. We can either take the silence as a way to clear our minds, to think things through; or we can allow the silence to crowd our minds with thoughts we don’t intend to be there.

I overthink…a lot. Especially when it’s silent. In some ways, I do not have a healthy mind, as Abaz says in this chapter. “Our thoughts are not always rational or true.” 

But sometimes silence is the one thing we need. In an argument, sometimes you just need to stay silent and think about the situation. Let the silence cool things off.

“Silence is an intereuption to give chance for an idea to surface.” Most of us love to have peace and quiet when doing a project, writing, drawing, etc… We get annoyed and we cannot focus well when the silence is gone. You lose a piece of your mind, it seems. 

Silence can be a good thing. But it can also allow unwanted thoughts into our brains. Remove those thoughts from your mind… “focus on what’s in front of you.”

Chapter Eleven: When We React to a Situation in Anger, It Always Makes It Worse

Anger. We’ve all dealt with it. Anger isn’t a bad thing, but it can make you do bad things. It can leave you with “resentment, hurt feelings, and regret.” 

For most people, myself included, anger blocks all form of good communication. We are blinded with anger that causes us to lash out at the something or someone.

I used to be so bad in middle school when it came to anger. Every time I got angry or frustrated, I took it out on other people. I’d wait a day or two and then cry over the fact of what I did. Still today I feel guilty of snapping at people or telling someone off who didn’t deserve it. I let anger control me. 

I still get angry. Everyone gets angry. It’s how to deal with it. Will we let it consume us? Let it consume our thoughts and our relationships? 

Now that I know more about how to act when I’m angry, whenever I do I usually keep to myself. Going back to Chapter 10 above, I just need some silence to think it all over. Think about why I’m angry, how angry I really am, will it go away soon, and how I can resolve the problem. It’s good to step away from the argument at hand. It’s good to take a break for a little bit to gather yourself. Abaz recommends it. Have you ever let something slide for a little bit? Does the anger ever go away? Eventually it does. And if it doesn’t, think of mature ways to resolve the situation. Don’t lash out, don’t start yelling… Control your anger. Talk it through. Forgive the person who has done you wrong. 

Sorry for the short reviews! I have the flu, and couldn’t read the chapters yesterday due to napping the moment I got home from school. I feel a lot better now (it isn’t Type A thankfully), but I’m still contagious so I’ll be napping for the next few days! 


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