Catch the Spark Within – Chapters 12 and 13! By Alex Abaz

I have received a free copy of this book for a honest review. 

Hey, back and better than ever! These following chapters were very short, therefore the reviews may be short. But they were wonderful nonetheless!

Chapter 12: Crises are not fun but they do present opportunities to do more than just rescue and repair matters.

Crises are never fun. They cause tension between people that probably wasn’t there before. But are they necessary? Yes, sometimes they are.

Alex Abaz assures that crises bring opportunities to heal relationships and to grow personally. A fight with a best friend, we’ve probably all have had one, can strengthen the bond between two people, if it all ends well. You learn more about someone and understand each other a little more.

They can be hard to get through. They make you want to give up mid-fight. Voices inside your head tell you to give up. To walk away and pretend nothing ever happened.

Don’t do this. All you’re doing is hurting those around you. All you’re doing is making it worse. Try to find that finish line. Find the resolve to all of it. “Put aside the hyrt and reach out.”

Chapter 13:  Our Children are Entrusted to Us for such a Short While.

Now, I’m not a parent. Far from one actually. I still have parents whom I trust to take care of me until I’m responsible to take complete control of myself. 

But I do agree with Abaz that children take after their parents. They sponge off their parents’ actions and habits. 
Let’s just say if my parents decided to follow the ways of their own family and didn’t raise me the way they did, I’d be a completely different person. They both changed so my brother and I could have a chance in making a difference in the world.

Parents should be open to the child’s interests. Discipline their child to do what is right. Don’t lay off raising them until it is too late. Be their parents so when they are ready, they will fly high. 


One thought on “Catch the Spark Within – Chapters 12 and 13! By Alex Abaz

  1. Hello Cayli and Cayli fans 🙂 Thank you for continuing to follow this thread about my book Catch the Spark Within. I wish I had made every chapter lengthy but I wrote it from the heart so when I was done saying what I needed to say, I moved on. I hope it’s helpful nonetheless. You are so right Cayli when you highlight the fact that parents have to change with the times to connect with their children. My parents were immigrants with six children with a big age gap between oldest and youngest and as immigrants, a new way of life for all.


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