Sweet 16 Special!

So I was told that a birthday post was in order. Happy birthday, me, I guess lol. Anyways, I decided to do something special for tonight….

And that special thing is a nice run down throughout my reading life. Catch everyone up on how I became a reader and what led me into the reader I am today!

I’ll tag a couple of bloggers that I follow to do this as well when their birthday rolls around. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy! (UPDATE: If you end up seeing this before I fix it, no one is tagged as of right now. I have no idea how to tag people 😥 Me + Technology/computers/the mix = lol wat.

Here we go…


The reason I didn’t put a specific age for this one is because it isn’t all that important to the topic of reading. I just wanted to point out that I did read at this time, but I never really saw reading as a great past time. Read-Around-the-World-Day was the day I had to sit there all day pretending to flip the pages.

When I was doing my AR tests, I read a bunch of Magic Tree House and Judy B. Jones. They were my all time favorite. I also enjoyed reading about supernatural things like ghosts and the Bermuda Triangle. Those made me mad crazy for more information. Imagine my face when I was told the Bermuda Triangle was nothing but an area that was lost to towers (I am not very caught up with this information so do not take my word for it.)

Age: Eleven-Twelve,

Around this age I was in middle school. I did not have many friends. I was that girl who thought she had to fit in to… fit in. I was that girl who turned her back on the friends who were willing to be there, because I thought they were not cool enough. Yet I cried about how lonely I was. I pushed everyone away, thinking I could get better.

Truth was, I didn’t need better. Because I already had better. I meant one of my best friends today while sitting down for a middle school movie… Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. 

I sat next to my friend as she told me how much she loved the books. I was all into the movie, too.

“Who’s the dude with the goat legs!?”

“So when you cut a head off, two more grow back?”

“His shoes are flying!!!”

And my friend told me that this was nothing compared to the books. I was a bit iffy about it, but I was so into the movie I asked to borrow her book. This our relationship grew. Reading opened my eyes up. It helped to see the world in a different perspective. 

I fell in LOVE with Percy Jackson. I don’t think I ever read a series so quickly in my life. One moment I’m reading about the Sea of Monsters (which, by the way, explained the Bermuda Triangle in a whole other light haha!), and the next I’m onto the next series: The Heroes of Olympus.

I got to The Mark of Athena, and stopped there… why? Because it was the LAST BOOK UNTIL THE FOLLOWING YEAR. *tears*

Age: Thirteen?

Still in middle school. By now, I have my own groups of friends. They accepted me, and I called myself lucky to have them. I still read, but I usually kept to my one genre: YA fiction. To be honest, if it wasn’t Percy Jackson related, I hardly looked it’s way.

Hey, but it was a start.

I joked around with my friends about the books. We have inside jokes that I’m sure they would get the moment texted them: “I hope your eye twitches.” (PJO fans, I expect you guys to understand this.) Life was great!

I was a bit of a fangirl over these books. I swear, I knew almost everything about Percy Jackson. I loved Greek Mythology. I was thirteen, and I watched documentaries on this stuff. Like, you know how there are Twilight fan girls out there? Hanging posters of Edward on their walls and screaming every time his name pops up? That was me. But with this series.

Age: Fourteen,

This was my eighth grade year. Stuff started to get really awful for me. I got in fights with my close friends over stuff I deeply regret today. It was a year that I felt like every night I would cry. Lunch hours were spent in silence. (It got better, though!)

I was on the House of Hades I believe. I was still very much a fangirl. Very much. (CRIINNNGGEEE.) I remember one of my friends telling me in the ninth grade, “You used to be so crazy.” I’m so sorry, fellow classmates.

I was a bit distracted from reading due to the fights. But I do remember reading The Mortal Instruments. I fell in love with this series too. I got a couple of my other friends to read them, and still today we joke around about Sebastian and Jace and whatnot. Talk about major geek alerts!

This series really opened my mind to other books. It made me realize how big the reading world is. I should go explore it.

Reading really kept my mind off of things. Reading also saved me. Without Jesus in my life, in that moment in time, I would not have changed, and I would not have been able to see all my wrongs.

This series really opened my mind to other books. It made me realize how big the reading world is. I should go explore it.

Also… this was around the time I decided I wanted to become a writer. I wanted to write books and make people smile just like my favorite authors could do for me. I wanted to put a smile on someone’s face. I wanted to make someone’s day. Just doing that would make it all worth it for me.

Age: Fourteen-Fifteen,

High school. Oh, boy. Freshman year was a little tough at first. I’m such an introvert that it kept me from making other friends. My close group of friends moved away, others did not have a problem talking with other people. I felt alone.

But no pity party here, because I sucked it up. I ended up falling in love with reading. I read all sorts of fiction. I loved historical fiction, I loved dystopians, I loved contemporaries, I loved anything that felt good in my hands. Freshman year was also when I read The Chronicles of Narnia. It was presented to me by my youth pastor. It may have took me the entire year, but I did enjoy every minute I spent reading and analyzing every word of it.

I fell in love with The Infernal Devices. Today they are still a top favorite. I started watching book-tubers on YouTube like PolandBananas and JessetheReader (Many others as well). I wanted to start reading books to get their meaning other than just reading them. So I did.

Since the day I decided I wanted to start writing, I came up with this story that only a few people know about. It is one story I hope to write about one day, once I have modified it. And man, has it gone through a lot. Name changes. Plot changes. Setting changes. Same concept, but every year it evolves into what I want it to be.

I have practiced writing. I studied websites on tips and good writing habits. I had people read tiny prompts that I wrote. The passion continually grew and grew. But I hardly ever published any of my work. I was too scared… am too scared.

Age fifteen-SIXTEEN,

We’re getting close to the end! Sophomore year has been by far one of my favorite years in a long time. I forced myself out of my shell, and I actually made friends with a lot of people. I met people who shared common interests. I met people who knew what I was talking about half the time!

For the first semester, I was in Art. Throughout art, I would make fan-art symbolizing my favorite books. My art teacher thought they were beautiful, and I even remember one person going, “Hey! I love that series!” Thank you, Brad.

My genres expanded greatly. Around this time I joined LilBooKlovers. Thank you, Kester, for this wonderful opportunity! I have always wanted to review books and to talk about them. This blog was one of the best things to ever help me.

Again, I wrote and I wrote. I showed a friend of mine. And I wrote. Took a long break. Wrote. My story was still changing by the things I experienced.

By the next semester, my story was something completely different. Today, it is something I feel like cannot go to waste. It has come so far. I haven’t wrote the book. Far from that, but I think about it all the time. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to share it to the world.

This is my Reading Story. Not too grand, but it’s what got me into reading!!!

I want to tag the following people to do this when their birthday comes around or if they would like to modify to fit something closer, feel free! If you would like to do this tag, feel free to do so!

I tag: 

Jannin from The Booknerd Dragon

Rendz from Reading with Rendz

Aaron from Swords & Spectres



21 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Special!

  1. Happy birthday! 😀

    I am so glad to find someone with the same reading story as me! The book that got me into reading novel books was the PJO series too! 😀 We seriously could be sisters, Cayli! 😀 Happy birthday again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously? That’s awesome! 😀 PJO was and still is one series I won’t miss out on. I make sure to buy every book that comes out lol Even if it’s past my reading level, I hate to miss out on one of Rick’s books. And thank you for the wishes! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too! And I’ve read most of Rick’s work from PJO to his latest books now! My, the power of the Percy Jackson series is strong. 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only who appreciates the book world after reading the PJO series in this world where most first reads of most book nerds is the Harry Potter series. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I read it in exchange for my friend reading a trilogy of my choice. You will enjoy them. The writing is very addictive because of how simple it is. Just my love of vampires makes me dislike what Meyer has done to the genre.


      2. I see. When I watched Twilight on Netflix with my friend, we sat there cracking up at everything. Whenever Edward was staring down Bella in science class, it took forever to recover from that XD The movies are a bit awkward at some points, but overall, I secretly wanted to watch the next movie. It’s been forever since I have.


  2. Happy Birthday! YAY for Junie B. and Magic treehouse! I loved those books growing up. The adventure and fun made reading totally worthwhile! I’m glad you read the Chronicles of Narnia (we can fangirl sometime together if you’d like) I hope you have a great birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 I will gladly fangirl over Chronicles of Narnia. ❤️ It’s soooo good. It was definitely different than I what was used to reading,which makes it stand out against everything else I have read. I think Edmund was my favorite character XD

      Liked by 1 person

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