Catch the Sparks Within! by Alex Abaz: Chapters 21 and 22

I have received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. 

Spring break, guys! So happy to have this week to work on everything. To be able to read and just have a week where I can just catch up on everything outside of school. It’s amazing!

I am here with the next two chapters of Abaz’s outstanding book. I encourage you to go check it out whenever you can. It’s an easy read, and it really opens up your mind.

Chapter 21: My Heart is Your Harbor and My Arms Your Shelter

I love the name for this chapter. I’m a sucker for metaphors.

In this week’s first chapter, Abaz starts to talk about Gypsies. Believe it not, their neglection is still happening today. In third-world countries, Gypsies are left poor and in shabby homes. I honestly never knew why exactly. I always thought they are a group people just did not like. I kind of knew that people thought they had magical powers or whatnot, but I never truly understood it all.

Abaz clears this up. People don’t like them because they are afraid of them? Because of that fear, people do not like to step out there and help these people. They are scared they will get pulled into something they cannot get out of.

But this is where the kindness of heart shows. With kindness, you go out of your way and you help those in need, no matter what their background is. No matter what they have done. No matter what other people think of them. It’s  picking up the books the bullies knocked out of nerdy kid’s arms. It’s also telling someone who has done something horrible that they can overcome it.

I’m going to quote another book real quick. This is a devotional guide that I do every week. All Things New by Kelly Minter. This is what she says…

“Kindness can mean moral goodness in action. While patience is reactive, kindness is proactive. It is often related to helpfulness, actions or words that benefit others, or having a generous spirit.”

I really love reading from authors like Abaz and Minter. They really express their thoughts on a subject. As for me, I like to soak it all in. I love to see what I connect to and what I need help on. Kindness? In some ways, yeah, I have kindness. I want to help everyone. The minute their life goes downhill, I forget everything and just want them to get better. But how far does my kindness go? I have no idea. To have kindness, I better not have lost my patience. If my patience is gone, my kindness is right on its heels.

Abaz actually mentions this in this chapter. When someone drops by to live in your house, you’re okay at first. Yay, I have people over. We’re going to have a great time. But then they are still over after a week or two. You just want your house back. You just want to be left alone. The patience and kindness are drifting away.

But you want to help. You desperately want to help. You want your arms to be their shelter. You want them to trust in your love for them. Abaz gets it. WIth kindness, you have to be willing to go all out. It’s honestly worth it in the end.

Chapter 22: “If One Day is Cummy, the Next has to be Better.” Is That Right?

This chapter actually a different turn than I thought it would. It was talking about mental illness.

When it comes to mental illness, it always makes me feel awful. Mental illness is a whole other branch in the medical field. It’s a branch that is still unsolved in most cases.

.Just like a physical disability, it affects your daily life. It makes it harder to live a normal life. You see a lot of people today, especially in my age group do I see this a lot, suffering from Anxiety or Depression. Some are not about to comprehend as easily as others. And it’s a medical part where doctors are always stumped.

So some people, they find the happiness in their daily lives even if the the last one was crummy. I’ve seen people do it. I’ve seen people making the best out of the worse and it is so inspiring.

Alex Abaz talks about the brain and how complex it is. And it really is.

“While it may be hardwired to the rest of us, it is elastic with a virtual capacity. It is known now that the brain can regenerate and if necessary can transfer a function to a different part of itself-real metamorphosis.”

It’s almost like there is no limit, not stopping the way the brain works. Constantly, our minds are reshaping ourselves to fit our experiences. These memories are forever inside of us. Abaz is correct when she says that if we lose our memories, we lose ourselves. It’s hitting that restart button. I could not imagine what it would be like for me personally to wake up one day and not know who I am, where I am.

The one show that pops in my head is Beyond, which I think comes on after my show Shadowhunters. I actually tried watching the first episode, and it’s actually pretty good. If I remember correctly, he doesn’t lose his memories, but he goes into his coma for most of his childhood, waking up when he’s like seventeen. And knows his parents and his brother, but then he doesn’t. Things have changed around him, and his mind is constantly trying to cope to things. (I really need to get caught up on that show, now that I think about it…) He’s disconnected from everyone because his mind is still progressing the lack of information.

Then you have all of these other stories that I can compare to. Like the book I am currently reading The Enemy Within by Scott Burns. He sees things no one else can. The girl Jamie can actually speak into his mind. I’d honestly be scared if the person beside me could read my mind. Like my mind is my mind, stay out of it. Anyways, he is obviously different from everyone. His mind is something that is unique from everyone else’s. A talent unlike any other.

Authors can literally do anything if given the writing prompt to use the mind. There are even more stories out there that involve the mind, how it works, what it is capable of. It’s so interesting to me.

And as Alex says in the end of this chapter….

There is magic and malice in the mind. It’s the source of our smiles and our sorrows.






One thought on “Catch the Sparks Within! by Alex Abaz: Chapters 21 and 22

  1. A fantastic read Cayli. I’m so impressed with the way you connect ideas and tie them up with real-life examples and cross-references. I hope you’ve enjoyed Reading Week.


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