My Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival Recap

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, I went to the best book festival in the world: the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival in Murfreesboro, TN! SE-YA was so amazing, and my dad and I managed to brave the snow and see 35 out of 40 amazing authors! Here are some pics and highlights from the festival!



So I got this poster signed by a ton of fabulous authors, and I got four books signed: The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis, Emerge by Tobie Easton, The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron, and Mosquitoland by David Arnold. Both the books and authors are amazing, and I loved reading the books and chatting with the authors! They are super nice!


Sharon Cameron


Mindy McGinnis


David Arnold


Tobie Easton

I also met some of the most amazing authors I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time! They are super nice and fun to talk to, and I loved reading their books!


Shaila Patel


Jennifer M. Eaton


Brittany Goodwin
M. Tara Crowl

I also got to meet a ton of other authors that I’m so glad I got to meet! I didn’t takeΒ pictures with all of them, but I’m certainly glad I got the opportunity to meet them!


Monika Schroeder


Nicole Castroman
Cinda Williams Chima

I also got to meet Kym Brunner, Andrew Maraniss, E. Katherine Kottaras, Kathryn Ormsbee, Tracy Barrett, Brooks Benjamin, Jenn Bishop, I. W. Gregorio, C. J. Redwine, Beth Revis, Megan Shepherd, Lois Sepahban, Megan Shepherd, Sheba Karim, and more!!!! The full list of SE-YA 2017 authors is here: SE-YA 2017 Authors.

Well, that’s my 2017 SE-YA Recap in pictures, but if you want to know more, comment below, and let’s have a chat! Did you go to SE-YA? Have you read any books by these authors? Comment your thoughts!

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester













28 thoughts on “My Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival Recap

      1. I also worry about “what should I say to this author???” and it always turns out great- I’ve talked about Hogwarts houses, my blog, guys can read YA Romance, the crazy weather with all this snow, and all sorts of things with authors. It’s so fun! Then you email them later for a future interview and send them a Facebook friend request! πŸ˜‰

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      2. I think you’ll do great! At my first book festival last semester (I was an unexperienced blogger back then) I found myself trying to keep away the silence, but this book festival I was just like “I like your cover” to a lot of them- great conversation starter! πŸ˜‚

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      3. Yes they are- I hang up postcards in my room because the covers are so pretty! And there are very nice authors who are so sociable and not so nice authors who are very introverted- you gotta find the nice ones! Author friends are the best! And book covers too!

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  1. I love it! You did an excellent job here! I got to see all the good pics! You’re now going to have to do what I do am get an Instax camera bc it’s instant and then have the authors sign it! It’s a blast to have a signed pic of you and the author! I keep meaning to share mine and forgetting!
    You look very handsome in your pics, bye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… thank you! And yes, I’ve wanted one of them! That would be so cool! I really want signed pictures! I regret not taking pictures with all of them because I’ve kept in touch with a few of them, but next time! I should just take selfies with everybody- they’re much easier!

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    1. I’ve been to only 2 book festivals- that was my 2nd one! I live in rural TN, so the nearest book events are 2/3 hrs away in Memphis or Nashville! Authors are definitely easy to ask for photos- many of them are super nice! They’d be happy to take pics with you! I didn’t take photos with everybody, but I wish I had! You’ll enjoy going to them!

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      1. Ha, it’s not that. There’s so many nice male authors! But there’s not that many male authors compared with female authors. Especially with Young Adult- out of the 40 authors there, only about 4 of them were guys… but they are certainly very nice and polite! I’ve made good acquaintances with one of them and even interview him!

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      2. I do like listening to Stephen King on NPR 😊 That’s very motivating. Thanks! I will keep a lookout for some book fest driving distance to go to 😊 Are you aware of any book fest in Memphis at the end of July this year? I happen to be traveling there during that time 😊 I was in Nashville last year but too bad the book fest occurred after I left 😩 Did you attended that one last year in Nashville?

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      3. Aww… that’s too bad! I know the one in Memphis is in October or November, I think, and the one in Nashville is in either September or October. I did go to the Southern Festival of Books and it was fun! And I hope you enjoy your stay in Memphis! πŸ˜‰

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