Summoner Rising Blog Tour: Interview with Melanie McFarlane

Hello! Welcome to my tour stop for Melanie McFarlane’s Summoner Rising Blog Tour! As an honorary member of her Street Team, I would like to present you this wonderful interview! Can you also believe March is already over? I know right! This year is going by so fast! Well, here’s the blog tour!



Author: Melanie McFarlane

Pub. Date: March 28, 2017

Publisher: Month9Books

Format: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 300

Find it: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | TBD | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play Books | Indiebound

Synopsis: Excerpt from, The Book of Summoning:

Law One: A summoner is responsible for all creatures it lets through from the netherworld.

Dacie Cantar wishes someone had explained the Laws of Summoning to her before she watched a shadowy creature crawl out of a painting at the local arcade. At least it explains the strange things she’s witnessed since moving in with her great-aunt, after her mother’s untimely death. But who wants to be followed by shadows the rest of their life? Add that to being stalked by a strange boy at school, who just might be her Tovaros (aka soulmate), it’s about all Dacie can handle in her new life.

As she nears her seventeenth birthday, will she be ready for her new responsibilities, or will the shadows that stalked her mother until her death, finally consume Dacie, too? And then there’s Law Two…


About Melanie: Melanie

Melanie McFarlane is a passionate writer of other-wordly adventures, a little excitable, and a little quirky. Whether it’s uncovering the corruption of the future, or traveling to other worlds to save the universe, she jumps in with both hands on her keyboard. Though she can be found obsessing over zombies and orcs from time to time, Melanie has focused her powers on her YA debut There Once Were Stars, and her YA urban fantasy Summoner Rising.

She lives with her husband and two daughters in the Land of Living Skies.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramGoodreads

Melanie McFarlane

1. How would you describe Summoner Rising to someone who’s never heard of it?SUMMONER RISING by Melanie McFarlane (1)

It’s a story about a girl, haunted by dark shadows since the death of her mother, who comes to learn she is responsible for helping to maintain the balance of good and evil in the world by letting demons pass over from the netherworld.

2. Why do you love writing? When did you first have a love for writing, and how was it formed?

I fell in love with writing in high school and it grew from there. During college it was dormant while I tried to find myself and that perfect job afterward, but then it found me again, 15 years later and I realized it was always meant to be.

3. Who are your favorite authors, and which ones have had an impact on you? Who has affected your writing style the most?

My absolute favourite author is Ray Bradbury, although he doesn’t really affect my recent writing. I read so wide that I’m pretty much affected by everything and everyone. Plus I’m a huge movie buff.

4. What are your favorite genres to read and write? What are your favorite books?

I love YA, especially dystopian and dark fantasy. I’m not a big epic fantasy fan, preferring mine just one the urban level. Some of my favourite books are The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, and anything by Ray Bradbury.

5. What do you do when you’re not writing? Is writing a part-time or full-time job?

I work full-time and take night classes. It makes it challenging!

6. Would you want to be a Summoner? Why or why not?

It would be fun to be able to summon creatures and take over their powers temporarily, but I really wouldn’t want to have to be responsible for demons!

7. Do you prefer writing paranormal books like Summoner Rising or dystopian books like There Once Were Stars?

Oooh that’s like being asked to choose between your two children. Impossible!!

8. One of your other books There Once Were Stars takes place in Dome 1618. Would you want to live there?

Never—I prefer to warn about the dangers of dystopian societies than live in them!

9. Which member of Dome 1618 (resident, rebel, delegate, or order) would you want to be?

I took the quiz on my website at and ended up as a Rebel! Of course, I am a little biased as I know what happens in the book. But I wonder if I was born in the dome, and grew up there, what kind of choices I would make. Imagine just how hard it would be to be a rebel in a world where free choice isn’t allowed. Food for thought…

9. Your author Instagram/bookstagram account has over 10.5 thousand followers! What are some of your best tips for bookstagrammers you would like to give?Melanie

Consistency is key. Try to post at least once per day. And hitting those important hashtags is important – see what other leading bookstagrammers use. Oh, and it’s all about community. The more you like and comment on other’s posts the more people will reciprocate.

10. What is it like living in Canada? What are some things you love about the country and some things you wish could be improved, eh? (I had to say that!)

I love Canada, it’s definitely a place that I will spend my life exploring. I haven’t even seen all the places in my province (Saskatchewan – say that three times!). I’ve grown up in the prairies, and lived in the mountains and loved it all. But I definitely wish the winters didn’t drop to -40 degrees Celsius!!

11. What do you do when you encounter writer’s block?

I’ve learned to counter writer’s block by keeping multiple books going at the same time. Last I checked I have 22 works in progress! And then when I really need a kick start I binge on Netflix.

12. Do you have a favorite place to read or write in your home or your hometown?

Right now I live in a teeny tiny house with my husband and two kids. I write on the arm of the couch while my family runs around me. So I like to go to a local coffee shop called Common Café and get writing done (you’ll see in Summoner Rising that Dacie goes to the Common!).

13. Have you written any other works? What are your current plans with your writing career?

Book two in my Dome 1618 series comes out in June. It’s called Here Skies Surround Us and is definitely one of my favourites. We get to see how Nat has matured and find out about Evan’s home, Dome 569. Is the grass greener on the other side…?

14. Do you have any tips to any aspiring authors or writers?

Patience patience patience. The publishing process takes a long time once you get there, so take your time perfecting your work and be open to critiques. And build a writing community around you whether it be online or in real life – that’s the best part!


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Thanks for coming onto our tour stop! Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester


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