Catch the Sparks Within! By Alex Abaz – Chapters 23 and 24

Hey, guys! I missed last week. 😦 My Tuesday was taken up and I lost my only chance to post. But I am here again, and this time actually on a Tuesday. Since I’m so irregular with posting, especially these coming weeks with Kester’s blog tour, don’t think I’ve give up just because I missed a week or something. It’s probably going to happen more often as all these other posts are in session.

Let’s roll into the post, shall we?

Chapter 23: We all aspire to being patient and loving with our children, but they do try our patience.

As a child, I am deeply offended. LOL Just kidding. I do get on my parents nerves a lot, because I can be so hard-headed. I guess I’ll be reviewing this in a child’s point of view, because as you know-I’m just in high school.

Whenever I think about growing up to marry and have kids, I have this perfect false reality of it all: Lovely mornings eating chocolate chip pancakes, perfect relationship between all my children and husband, all smiles with Game Nights every Friday. I want to be an awesome parent. Like yeah, I’m pretty young, but I look into the future a lot, even if it’s a long way away. How would I want to raise my child?

If anything, I always wanted to raise my children to look at the world in a different perspective as it is something very important to me. I want them to see the world and realize its beauty–not the ugliness of the people at school or the rudeness of the daily pedestrian.

But this chapter also talks about patience, which I have very little of. And I know I trample on my mom’s all the time. It’s not that I mean to, I just don’t like the whole “waking up” part of the day. I am not a morning person.

My parents and I will argue a lot. Some moments more than others. But nonetheless the thought of leaving one day to go to college terrifies me. I won’t be next to them like I have all my life. I may try their patience, but I do love them both a lot. They’ve never failed at taking care of me.

I honestly have no idea how else to approach this. I’m saying this all in a child’s perspective, so it’s really hard to relate to this chapter other than saying my parents try my patience as well. But I know they do it because I love them, and I try their patience because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Chapter 24: Our lives can change on a dime.

I will admit, I’m that person who goes on a church trip for the weekend and brings luggage big enough to last me the week. I’ve gotten better deciding what I definitely don’t need. but my mind over-thinks everything as I stare at my empty suitcase. Not kidding, these are the things that go through my mind:

What if it rains and I get soaked? I should pack an extra shirt and jeans. 

What if it gets really hot at the hotel? I’ll throw in some shorts to change into. 

Okay, extra socks. Extra socks. I need extra socks. I got to have them.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, face cleanser thingy, more soap, razor, makeup… Oh, which one do I put in? This shampoo dries my scalp… I just throw in extra bottles just in case. 

Like, it’s awful. I double check everything. I make sure I am prepared. And it’s always that I forget to bring my toothbrush or something and I’m left sitting there with thirty bags going, “I’m so ill-prepared…”

My life is a world of unexpected events. If I hope for something too much, it will not happen. If I think something won’t happen, it ends up happening. So like that extra pair of jeans I brought in case it rained? Never rained. But when we went skiing, guess what I didn’t pack? The bottom part of my pajama outfit. And it’s not like I can just put on my leggings or something, because EVERYTHING IS SOAKED. Oh, my life. Lol!

Abaz is right. Things will be thrown at you left and right. It can be so hard to catch it all. It’s important to stop moping in your situation, because you are only sitting there. You can only get out if you move. It’s best to look up instead of down. It’s important to see your goal. It’s best to think you can do it. Stay strong. Don’t let anything throw you off and mess up anything. These unexpected events in our lives are like the holes in our path. We might be able to jump over some of them with ease, but sometimes we’ll trip and fall. And the ground becomes quicksand instantly. And freaking out and twisting is only making you sink faster.

Anger will not cure an injury only aggravate it. 

Guilt and regret are downward spirals.

Shame contaminates the spirit. 

Secrets embolden the perpetrator and trap the victim. 

And sometimes you can’t get out of the quicksand all by yourself. You need someone to hand you the rope.

I’m actually listening to King by Lauren Aquilina right now as I write this, and I’m actually tearing up writing this because this and the song relate a lot. And also because I am struggling with this right now. I don’t know… just writing out what I should do really helps me, and it’s thanks to Abaz. She helps to start the ball rolling. She is literally my inspiration. I hope I could do that for someone one day. 

“You’ve got it all,

you lost your mind in the sound.


There’s so much more, 

You can regain your crown.

You’re in control, 

rid of the monsters inside your head.

Put all your faults to bed.

You can be king again.”

Put everything useless away. They are distractions. Bring out the rope. Bring out those you love and trust. Bring out your success. Hang in there, says the cute kitty.

And know you’re not alone. We all are struggling by these things that pop up in our lives. It’s a matter of how you approach these situations… it will change the effect of it all. I encourage everyone of you to see the glass half full. It can be hard. Some of us need that push. We don’t like walking outside that zone of comfort. We’re that terrified person in the corner in a horror movie. The killer isn’t going to stop and give you pity just because you’re sitting there with your hands over your eyes. Get up and fight back. Show the world they can’t keep you down.

So happy to have another review in! I should be free next week so expect one next Tuesday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Catch the Sparks Within! By Alex Abaz – Chapters 23 and 24

  1. You WOW me CAYLI! You inspire me! Loved it and by the way, I know that I try my son’s patience. I’ve got a page-long email from him this week to prove it and you know that’s not normal LOL 🙂

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