Catch the Sparks Within! Chapters 25 and 26 by Alex Abaz

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy in return for a honest review. 

Back with two more reviews! Nothing much going on lately. Getting ready for a yard sale to raise money for a mission trip. That’s about it. As I type this, in about two hours I will be preaching to middle schoolers, so wish me luck!

Chapter 25: I am a procrastinator.

I used to be one of the biggest procrastinator. But then high school started… constant worry about getting things done. Especially in English…. even if I do love to write and when I get in my zone, it’s all good… I can’t help but hate the anticipation about starting. I am not the type of person who likes to section an assignment. I like to get things done all together.

Which brings me to what Abaz says in this chapter:

When our expectations are unrealistic or blurred we get discouraged.

I get easily discouraged. Again with writing, I can get so discouraged when it doesn’t represent what I want my writing too. After that, it goes downhill for a while and I fall into a writer’s block. I don’t consider what “all” means when it comes to my writing. I want it all done now, I want where I want it now, and I want to get my ideas through now. That’s my main problem when wanting to become an author. It’s something I have to work on. Writing is not a patient task for me.

And back with high school. I can’t lay things off anymore. I have to get it done if I want to be stress-free and tear-free. Having it done means I can put it aside. I don’t have to worry about it until the day it is due. In addition, putting things off means it won’t be your very best… sometimes, you won’t have it completed. I have been in that position many a times and I hate it so much.

It’s so hard to discipline myself. I can’t make myself write when I don’t see progress in my writing style. I quit and wait later to try again. I get discouraged. Really, I only have myself to push me to keep trying, so it makes it ten times harder.

Chapter 26: Homemade pizza tastes different from store-bought pizza.

Ever have that habit that is just so unhealthy? Where do I start?

I have an unhealthy habit of biting my nails and my lips when I’m nervous or uncomfortable. I keep doing it until I draw blood. Yuck, I know. But it’s a habit I thought was harmless at first, but then it escalated into something I can’t stop doing.

Abaz reveals this problem by comparing it to home-made pizza and store bought pizza. At first, I was a little confused, but by the end, I understood.

I love store-bought pizza. Not as much as home-made pizza WHICH IS THE BOOM.COM but I could settle with some 20 minute pizza.

Store-bought pizza is unhealthy though. And so many people buy it because it is way easier and simple. It’s a habit to go after these small things that make our lives a little easier, but in the end, it damages us.

I have family members who damage themselves through smoking and other horrible habits. Then they turn around and say that they are having to go the doctors all the time because of it. Yet… they don’t stop? I understand that smoking is addictive. Just like drinking. Once you get into the habit, you can’t stop. At one point, my dad had this problem. He smoked, he drank. But then I heard before I was born, he forced himself to stop smoking for my sake. Then not too long ago, maybe two-three years ago, he went through a lot to top drinking. He actually did it. With the right motivation, you can do it too. It wasn’t easy for him. He had to make a commitment.

So try that homemade pizza. See if you like it. If you don’t, what habits make it hard for you to like the healthy things in life?


2 thoughts on “Catch the Sparks Within! Chapters 25 and 26 by Alex Abaz

  1. I’m a bit late reading this. No matter how interested in something, something else can throw me off. And that brings me to something I was thinking lately — the easiest way to break a habit we don’t want is to get into something else that satisfies us more for the time being. It’s the principle of substitution and It always comes down to something ‘trumping’ something else. I hope you had a good time talking to middle schoolers Cayli. If you spoke from the heart as you do in your writing, you can’t go wrong 🙂


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