Summer Vacation! Universal Studios’s Diagon Alley and More!


I’m back! And boy, do I have sleep to catch up too. But no biggie. I’m super excited to reveal some of the photos I took in Orlando’s Universal Studios!

Every moment in Florida had its ups and downs, but overall, it was a pleasant experience. The one thing I did not enjoy was the traveling in between. It took like an hour to get to Walmart from our home…. crazy! And here Walmart is like five minutes away.House

But it was awesome, I have to say that. I loved seeing all the cool stores and people as we passed them on the road. Oh, and the houses! Awww just the houses themselves made me want to move here; they were so magnificent and gorgeous!

Before we even got to Universal Studios, we thought we would have fun around the town we were staying at. We hoped in the car and drove a million miles–it seemed like–to different stores to pick up bathing suits and sunscreen… and books! I felt like I had to beg them to let me just walk into Books-A-Million. I succeeded, coming back out with two new books to add to my collection plus a little button that said “You Donated to the Military.”img_0592.jpg

I just want to point out this squirrel. I mean, look at him. In the words of Danny Tanner… “Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” The little guy was laying there, staring at us as he bathed in the sun. Didn’t last long… some of my group wanted to see just how friendly the squirrel was.


We made it to a beach! Siesta Beach is absolutely beautiful, and I completely recommend it. The downsides of beaches, though, is that there is sand EVVVEERRRYYWWHHHHEERREE. I’m still finding it in my clothes. We set up our station and waded into the water the first chance we got. It was amazing. Did I ever mention that I haven’t been to a beach in a forever?

We (and as in we I mean me ) sat down and tried to overcome the waves. But in the end, I think they won from the amount of sand in my bathing suit. Saying things like, “I am Percy Jackson! You will bow down to me. Moana says stay away- *engulfed in water*”

Girl on the TrainAnd of course I had to take some photos for my new Bookstagram!

If you have Instagram, follow me @LILBooKlovers! I’m really new, and I feel like I can use a lot of the time I’m busy doing things to post some pictures here and there to stay connected to the world of books!




And finally, we made it to Universal Studios. Amazing that it was! We first headed to Diagon Alley, skipping over everything else just because we needed to see Diagon Alley first. I just wanted to point out that this picture of Captain America and I (excuse me face) was taken the next day when we had explored every crevice and corner of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Our discussion was over what House Captain America would be in, and what do you guys think?


PenguinHere are just a series of pictures taken during our Harry Potter time. You’ll see Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Express. Some of the great things not pictures, however, we the amazing rides and the show inside Ollivander’s Wand Shop! A little girl was celebrating her birthday on that particular day, so they gifted her with a wand that was presented in the best of ways. They had her cast spells with it all over the room,  trading wans in when they didn’t do what they were supposed to do. And everyone knew she was a wizard just by the way she fluently pronounced her spells. In some ways, she reminded me a lot of Hermione.Hogwarts

If you are ever able to go to Universal Studios, I HIGHLY recommend the Harry Potter rides of all things. I loved one ride where you flew around on your broomstick, following Harry all over Hogwarts as Dementors scared you here and there…. and I got pretty scared. The dementors themselves were not screenplayed like the flying was. Your seat would move and the next thing you knew you were face to face with one of them. They were worse than the spiders that followed.

Diagon AlleyBut yeah, that’s my post on my week. I feel pretty satisfied with all I’ve seen, learned a lot (spoiler wise) on what happens in Harry Potter, but hey, it’s taken my this long to make them my priority so I deserve it. I feel like I could possibly enjoy it ten times more now that I actually feel like I’ve done the same things they’ve done ? I don’t know, it felt really cool to walk into the different shops and get my very own wand and a chocolate frog (I got Helga by the way).

I promised pictures and so here I am! Please don’t forget to follow Lilbooklovers on Instagram along with Twitter and Facebook! We would dearly appreciate your awesome support. 



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