E-ARC Review: When Planets Fall by Abby J. Reed – Fascinating Characters and Amazing World-Building

Hi guys! I hope in your plans today you have time to read another review about a book by a wonderful author! Check out my review of When Planets Fall, Abby J. Reed’s YA sci-fi debut set in the war-raging world of Scarlatti, where the color of your blood can mean the death of you.

About the Book30801623

Breaker’s home is cleaved by blood. The three tribes on the planet Scarlatti, whose only difference is their blood color, each want to exploit Breaker’s valley for themselves. The feudal tension has already claimed red-blood Breaker’s leg and his older brother. Now all this 18-year old wants is to maintain the tenuous peace in order to keep his little ‘stroid of a brother alive. Malani, a red-blood raised blue, is a kidnapped POW and only wants to return to her adoptive home with her dangerous blue secrets. Luka, a red-blood stewing for trouble, wants to right wrongs done to his family and bathe his home in justice.

All three intersect when Breaker discovers a wrecked starship and is given seven days by the green-bloods to fix and hand it over as a weapon. Breaker must decide if aiding his enemies is worth the home he knows and his family’s life. War is coming. And war respects no boundaries. And war leaves no survivors.

A 4 Star

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic ARC of this book in exchange for a review. This will not affect it in any way.

Overall Thoughts: I was so excited when I was able to get an e-ARC of When Planets Fall. It definitely did not disappoint. The book is a great start to the author’s upcoming Stars Fall Circle trilogy. I’m now left wanting more! Honestly, this book is a 3.5, but because I’m so nice I’ll round it up to a 4. I definitely think this is a great start to the series!

Characters: I loved the three characters so much. Each of their POV’s was unique, and each character had his or her own set of disabilities and challenges. I loved how Breaker and Malani became united about the starship and their PTSD, and how their relationship went through various challenges. I really wanted more of Luka’s perspective. Even though he was an enemy of Breaker, I still wanted more of him and how he copes with chronic migraines. I even like Tahnya and Cal! I mean, you cannot hate these protagonists and deuteragonists. Each character was delicately crafted into a unique and different individual: Malani’s thirst for freedom, Breaker’s analytical mind, and Luka’s hard exterior yet soft heart. I’m so looking forward to Tahnya’s POV in the sequel!

World-Building: The author definitely has some amazing world-building skills. Everything, from the warring tribes to the vocabulary, is accounted for, and each blood tribe has such a different culture. You have the red-blooded humans with their fighting spirit to the blue-blooded Elik who have a sophisticated society to the green-blooded Heron who show no mercy. It’s very fascinating to think about, and I loved the stark differences between each tribe. I also love the vocabulary, too! I mean, I just want to say “‘Stroids” instead of “Shoot” or “Septdia” instead of “Week.” I loved seeing those terms.

Narrative-Driven Story: So here’s what got me about this book. Now, I know there’s people who love a story when there’s a lot of narration, and there’s people who love a lot of dialogue. I am a dialogue-driven person. I love to read stories that are very fast, which is why I love dialogue. It quickens the pace. Now there wasn’t as much verbal interaction between the characters as I wanted there to be. Nevertheless, the author does go deep into the thoughts and feelings of each character, which was great. I do advise to not rush through this book because I tried to do it at the beginning and it didn’t go well. Taking your time definitely makes this story savory and enjoyable.

Concluding Thoughts: Will I be on the lookout for more by this author? Yes! Definitely! She left me hanging so I got to know what happens! This is what I love about trilogies like this one: You can’t just have one book. I want to continue the story, which is a graat sign that I will recommend it! Sci-fi fans: Brace yourselves for this one!

Favorite Quote: “You need to be prepared to ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice for those pupal seeds. Because you may need to give up more than the rest of us if you’re going to succeed.”

All quotes are quoted from an ARC copy, so they could have changed during publication.

About the Author:Abby

Abby J. Reed writes young adult science fiction and fantasy novels that ask what if. She has a degree in English Writing and is drawn to characters with physical limitations due to her own neurological disorder called Chronic Migraine. Her debut novel, When Planets Fall, will be published in April 2017 by Soul Mate Publishing.

Abby lives in Colorado with her husband and two fluffy pups. If her hands aren’t on the keyboard, they are stained purple and blue with paint. Find her online at www.abbyjreed.com

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

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