E-ARC Review: Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles

Hi guys! Lately, I’ve been less active because school has been super hectic for me. I just got done with midterms today, and finally Fall Break has arrived! Woo hoo! Also, the Halloween season has rolled in. You can tell since our Twitter name is Lil-BOO-klovers for the month. So to kick-off all the spooky festivities, I’m celebrating with a review of a creepy dystopian retelling of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland! It’s the perfect Halloween read! 

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**Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review Recipient**

“Always protect your queen.”

Ever since the outbreak of the Plague, life hasn’t been easy, and for seventeen-year-old Alice Carroll, it just got worse. Her sister, Dinah, has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus and without a cure, will soon be worse than dead. She’ll be momerath.

Alice must leave the safety of the Sector and venture into Momerath Territory to find the antidote – if it exists. Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with the cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into Wanderland, where ravenous momerath aren’t the only danger lurking.


Disclaimer: I received a free e-ARC of this book in exchange for a review. This will not affect my review in any way.

This book definitely surprised me in many ways! Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is one of the most unique retellings I have ever read! If you know me, I love me a good zombie novel, and this definitely made the cut! The Wanderland Chronicles is Alice in Wonderland meets World War Z, rich with fascinating backstory and references. I could not put it down at times because I was literally on the edge of my seat! I ate most of this up in a single day because it was that good. It was such a roller coaster of a novel, giving me thrills, chills, and surprises. 

This is the only book that I’ve created a pitch right off the bat, and I think that’s a good thing! And this time I used books/movies I’ve actually read/watched. I loved how the author kept so many the original elements of the book yet spun it into her own take of the story. She did an amazing job of making sure she aligned with major story elements (the Drink Me elixir, Bug, the Cheshire Cat’s sudden disappearances, the Red Queen’s kindgom and meeting). If you want to read a totally different yet very faithful retelling, you must read Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles!

Just like any dystopian book, I look highly forward to the world-building and the backstory in the book. I originally thought this was going to be a fantasy but it ended up as a dystopian, which I really liked. I loved listening to Dr. Abbott explain how the momerath epidemic came to be. I loved learning more about the momeraths and the virus. It was as if I was with Alice the entire time and we wandered through Wanderland, which is actually post-apocalyptic Phoenix. I was truly fascinated with how Sullivan crafted this dystopian society so well! I need a sequel (especially with that ending, but no spoilers here)!

My only issue is a minor one, but I kind of wished the names were more different and that the story strayed a little farther from the original Alice in Wonderland. Some of the names were just a bit too “unoriginal” to me, such as Dr. Waite R. Abbott and Dr. Matthew “Matt” Hatta. (You obviously know who they represent.) It felt a bit too much for me. I would have been totally okay without the names being similar yet I know who they’re supposed to represent. This was the only thing that bugged me, but I was still okay with it.

J. M. Sullivan is a debut author you do not want to miss! I’m now excited for her next book which is a Peter Pan retelling set in space (maybe a Peter Pan meets The Martian novel?). She definitely made her version of Alice in Wonderland so her own yet so faithful to the original! I love the dystopian, dark twist on it! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time as I was swept away through a whirlwind of twists and turns and the possibility of death and danger at every corner. Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles could compare to, or even surpass, Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies! Now I just have to read the latter to see which one is better, and I’m rooting for Alice!

About the AuthorJM Sullivan - small

J.M. Sullivan is a Science Teacher by day, and an author by night. Although known to dabble in adulting, J.M. is a big kid at heart who still believes in true love, magic, and most of all, the power of coffee. If you would like to connect with her for a healthy dose of sparkle, positivity, and a touch of crazy, you can find her on Twitter or Instagram @_JM_Sullivan.

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed both this review and the book! Yes, it’s definitely very underrated–one of the best retellings I’ve read! I loved how it kept you on the edge of your seat as you’re not knowing what’s going to happen next! I want a sequel! 😉

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