Chronicles of Stephen: The Choice of the Mighty by Kenyon T. Henry

Before I begin this review, I just want to say this will be my last post on LilBooKlovers. I’m sad to say I don’t find myself having the time to review and do tags like I used to. With school stressing me out in many different ways, I feel like I need to take a step back to figure some things out. I had a TON of fun, met some awesome authors and fellow readers along the way. Thank you for your awesomeness ❤


The Choice of the Mighty summary:

It was a nice change, being someplace familiar, being home. Stephen’s powers changed him, clouding his mind so that he wasn’t sure who he was anymore. Amid tragedy, home was the only place he could think to go, back to Saint Louis. Still, he had questions. Why did he have powers? What did it mean? And, why did he feel like someone was watching?

Stephen, a young man with a powerful gift, returns home to Saint Louis, Missouri after his good intentions led to tragedy. His mind being torn, and nearing insanity, paranoia starts to set in as he thinks he is constantly being watched. With the help of his mentor, however, he begins to understand his gift and how to control it. However, he can’t shake the feeling that a secret is being kept concerning his parents. As he begins to seek out his origins, he is left asking, “Why me?”

But when tragedy strikes at home, he has no choice but to take notice of the war between good and evil that is being waged all around him, but not in the way you would think. Stephen finds himself an unwilling participant and is forced to choice sides in a battle whose cause he never believed in. Feeling more alone than ever, he is relieved to find he has friends willing to fight with him.

Now with the help of some friends, he fights to bring about justice. The deeper he goes, the more he understands what is at stake-his life, his soul. And even humanity. Holding on to trust issues, he can’t shake the feeling that something, or someone, isn’t quite what they seem. Is this feeling all in his head, or is it a result of his paranoia returning? Will Stephen find the justice he seeks? Or will hid quest lead to vengeance and a thirst for more power?

My Review over The Choice of the Mighty???

I’m not going to lie, I did find some trouble in finishing this novel. There are some awesome reviews over this tale, most of them five or four stars. And they are right to think it’s an awesome book, because there is no wrong answer when it comes to opinion. But for me personally? I really couldn’t get into it.

I couldn’t exactly connect to some of the characters. The dialogue could have been a bit more embraced when exchanging information between characters. I just couldn’t get emotion out of any of the words they were saying if that makes any sense.

But I did enjoy the story overall. There are these people called the Mighty who fight for what is right. Then you have the Fallen. Awesome at spitting the line between the good guys and the bad guys and explaining each side and what they are. I kept thinking back to “Shadowhunters,” people descended by a man who was chosen by an angel. They were born to fight against the demons of the world. The Fallen reminded me of Hush, Hush a lot. I don’t know how to explain how, but I did keep going back to the book thinking of the covers and how they relate to them in a way.

There was a bit of romance in this novel between Patty and the main character Stephen. It wasn’t a whole lot and it did feel a bit rushed, but it made me think that their relationship was a little casted away from the main story line. It was a little bit of release. But like I said before about not connecting to the characters, I didn’t really understand the two all that much or their relationship.

This story does have a lot of potential, and could be ten times more interesting with a bit better writing style. I love it when writing styles are poetic and the tone is set up in a way to reflect emotions onto the reader. I love that. It helps me feel something, keeps me into the story rather than leaving me in the dark. For some reason I didn’t get that from this story. I didn’t understand a lot of things about how characters were feeling. It felt jumpy and unreachable.

Overall this story did gets some good reviews, so if you want to go check them out, maybe that’ll give you a reason to really read this book. I do encourage you to read it, give it a try. However for me, it just didn’t jump out at me like I feel it could have.

Thank you for much for this last review! I’m ready to get a handle on school, college, and figuring out my life for that matter. Love you all so much, and I hope that in the future, I’ll be able help Kester on anything. I’ll still post reviews on any books I read in the future on Goodreads, so go friend me! (Click HERE) I’ll be happy to keep discussing books, and thankfully my school life won’t take away my wonderful book life. ❤ Bye, guys!


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